Marketing pricing

DAS Acquisition has highly competitive pricing that allows us to remain fully compliant with RESPA. The below pricing shows the total cost per piece. The co-marketing partner’s cost is dependent on the amount of space they occupy on the marketing piece. PRINT MARKETING PRICING

Pricing for TE Template Design and Print (Postage Included on EDDMs and Postcards)

Custom Design & Print Custom designs are available for all print materials. Custom design fees are $20 per order for all custom materials.

$0.3321 each

11”x6” Cardstock EDDM*

$0.3321 each

8.5”x11” Cardstock EDDM

$0.5625 each

8.5”x5.5” Cardstock Postcard

11”x6” Cardstock Postcard

$0.6251 each

$0.1044 each

8.5”x11” Flyer (double-sided)


Complimentary bulk shipments are delivered to DAS licensed branch offices once per week, either Thursday or Friday depending on your location. Fedex 2-day shipping is also available; cost varies based on order quantity.

$0.0649 each

8.5”x11” Flyer (one-sided)

$0.1809 each

Door Hanger

4-page Brochure $0.2648 each

Water Bottle Labels

$0.0630 each

Wine Bottle Labels

$0.0920 each

*Prices subject to change without notice.

Example Cost Breakdown

Total Expert will provide you with the cost split and pricing, but the above will give you an idea of what the costs will be. As an example, if a real estate agent ordered 50 Total Expert template double-sided flyers for pick up at a DAS licensed branch the total cost would be: .1044 (cost per piece)  50 (quantity)= $5.22 The agent would be responsible for the percentage of the piece they covered. For example, if the Realtor ® information took up 75% and the lender information took up 25%, the cost breakdown would be: Co-marketing Partner: $5.22 × 75%=$3.92 Mortgage Banker: $5.22 × 25%=$1.30

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