2022 Geist Road

2 0 2 2 G E I S T R O A D


Live authentically. The quintessential French Country estate. The ultimate setting that evokes the rolling splendor of the European countryside with neighboring horses to gaze upon. Your gateway to epic countryside views while being imminently convenient to everywhere you want to be. There’s a magical quality of light that transcends and dances on this property. You will look forward to the glorious golden hour every day. Living in tune with your circadian rhythms happens naturally here. Lose your sense of time and place. Strong, enduring architectural lines. Powerful in its simplicity and symmetry. You’ll never tire of arriving at your enchanting tree-lined drive, pulling into your motor court, and taking it all in. Every detail has been curated with a discerning eye. The result: spaces that feel sumptuous, dynamic, and eternally comfortable. You won’t want to leave. Compelling and gracious first floor gathering spaces that all open effortlessly to the magnificent stone terrace overlooking the well-crafted environs. So many memorable moments ahead. Restful owner’s suite beckoning you for a deep slumber. Wake refreshed and reconnect with the joy of getting dressed in your decadent andmasterfully organized dressing room. Relish the morning mist on the horizon while you sip your morning tea. Sublime landscaping. Everything was thoughtfully selected and positioned for optimal artistry. Epic heated lap pool for extended summer dips. Direct western exposure for sunsets that just don’t quit. Everyday is an explosion of new and intoxicating colors. A true lifestyle experience. A feast for the eyes. Zippy access to 83 and the Hunt Valley Town Center. Twominutes from John Brown’s Butchery. Cultivate your existence. The art of uniting human and home. 2 0 2 2 G E I S T R O A D F A L L S R O A D C O R R I D O R

r e a l

p r o p e r t y

b r o k e r a g e

“ We owe mu c h t o t he f r u i t f u l med i t a t i on o f ou r s age s , bu t a s ane v i ew o f l i f e i s , a f t e r a l l , e l abo r a t ed ma i n l y i n t he k i t c he n . ” - J o s eph Con r ad

“ Wha t I s ay i s t ha t , i f a man r e a l l y l i ke s po t a t o e s , he mu s t be a p r e t t y de c e n t s o r t o f f e l l ow. ” - A . A . M i l ne

“ Man is a genius - Ak i r a Ku r o s awa

when he is dreaming.”

“ We s h o u l d a t t e m p t t o h u m a n b e i n g s t o g e - L u d w i g M i

b r i n g n a t u r e , h o u s e s , a n d t h e r i n a h i g h e r u n i t y . ” e s v a n d e r R o h e







How w i l l you . . .

r e a l

p r o p e r t y

b r o k e r a g e

Heidi Krauss C: 410.935.6881 O:410. 329.9898

heidi@krauss .house www. krauss .house

3 shawan road • hunt val ley, md 21030

may you create an inspiring environment to call home







t he ar t o f un i t i ng human and home®

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