MicroTech Systems Boise - February 2020

KEEP UP WITH THE BIG BUSINESSES 3 Tech Trends to Accelerate Your Company

The line between technologies that are beneficial for large businesses and those beneficial for small businesses continues to blur. While the latest software programs were once only available to large companies that could afford them, some of these programs have also become available and profitable for small businesses to use. In an age of increasing connectivity, these are a few tech trends that small businesses should watch out for. While it certainly shouldn’t replace every customer interaction, using AI software programs for small tasks — like email marketing, data entry, accounting, and some low-stress forms of customer service — is invaluable to small businesses. Delegating menial tasks to AI can free up time for you to focus on those more important face-to-face interactions with your customers. Increased Use of Data Analytics “Big data” is intimidating. For years, sifting through customer data and extracting valuable information Collaboration With Artificial Intelligence

that can be used to grow businesses was something that only the largest companies had the time, funds, and expertise to do. However, more programs that reduce the upfront investment and expertise necessary to contextualize customer data are popping up. If you can make use of your customers’ data, you can give them an experience with your business that they won’t find many other places. Continued Reliance on Social Media Social media marketing remains an effective tool for attracting customers to your small business, even if the tools continue to change. While marketing on Facebook and Instagram might seem like old news, marketing on trendier apps, like TikTok, Pinterest, or Snapchat, can still work to your business’s benefit. A recent study showed that 45% of consumers head to social media when they have a question about something — are you going to be there to answer it? Keeping up with the latest and greatest tech trends in small-business management can be exhausting, but in an age where technological advancement is accelerating faster than ever, it’s necessary for the survival of businesses of all shapes and sizes. See What Our Customers Are Saying “MicroTech’s customer service is outstanding! They have been a great partner with Eagle Fire and Rescue for many years. As we have grown, so have our IT needs. MicroTech has been with us every step of the way.” – Angie McBride


Our team has shown a tremendous amount of support during a busy winter at MicroTech Systems. Our mission to provide 5-star IT service wouldn’t be possible without this dedicated team, and we appreciate their commitment. This month, we celebrate our office manager, Heather Howell , on her 14th anniversary with MicroTech Systems. And if you happen to see Bill Mogensen , be sure to wish him a very happy birthday!

Thank you, Heather and Bill, for your continued dedication to our team!

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