Emery Law Office October 2018

OCT 2018


SWEATERWEATHER & CAMPFIRE EVENINGS WHY I LOVE FALL I have to be honest; I’m thrilled that my kids are beyond the age of Halloween enthusiasm. It’s not that I have anything against the holiday — I do have plenty of cute pictures featuring childhood costumes — but it’s just never been a holiday I could get excited about. In the next edition of this newsletter, I’ll tell you all about my favorite holiday (Can you guess what it is?), but this month I wanted to talk about what makes fall so special. To me, there’s nothing better than sweater weather. When we’re in that all- too-brief window when you can wear cozy clothes without having to add a million layers, I’m thrilled. Another sure sign of the season is when you begin to hear countless conversations about football. We do have a rivalry in our family this year, but not the traditional blue vs. red of UK vs. U of L. Instead, it’s the crimson of IU for my daughter, Jessica, and the classic Kentucky blue for my son, John. The schools are traditional rivals, but they haven’t met on the gridiron in over a decade, so I’m hoping the rivalry stays friendly — at least until basketball season. Every fall, my husband and I cherish the opportunity to have campfires in the backyard. In our old house, we didn’t have a real fireplace, so we built a custom pit in the backyard. Funnily enough, by the time we were done, our house was already sold. We didn’t even have the chance to use that fire pit once. In our new home, however, we’re making the most of our fire space. The first campfire this season was a doozy. Jessica and some of her friends came over to enjoy the weather and some fire-roasted grub. Dave set up two fires — one small campfire and a larger bonfire. He said there was a method to his madness, as he wasn’t sure if there would be poison ivy or other less-than- desirable brush in the large fire. Though, if you ask me, he really just wanted to have as many fires going as possible. He was even stoking the large fire with a leaf blower. When we sat down to cook some hot dogs, we noticed there were no buns. Did somebody make a mistake and forget to pick them up? Nope, Jessica picked up the food, and she’s not eating carbs right now, so she figured nobody else should either. We all had a good laugh about that. I don’t know whether to thank Jessica for keeping our health in mind or chide her for depriving us of the

This is a leaf blower. NOT a flame thrower.

necessary buns. Maybe I should always keep an extra pack of buns on hand and stealthily disappear to the kitchen while everyone else is roasting to enjoy one without arousing suspicion. Whatever fall means to you, I hope you have a chance to enjoy the season this year. For my part, I’ll be wearing all my favorite sweaters and enjoying some campfire cookouts — whether they’re low-carb or not. -Melissa Emery Join Emery Law Office for Our Annual Costume Contest

We’re inviting all kids and kids-at-heart to stop by our office on Oct. 30 from 3–5 p.m . for treats and a costume contest. We’ll be handing out candy and taking pictures of those in costume. Then we’ll post the pictures to our Facebook page so everybody can vote on the winner, who will receive an age- appropriate prize. Costumes must be family-friendly to enter. We can’t wait to check out your outfits!


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