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We sit to eat. We sit to drive. We sit at our computers. We sit during meetings. We sit to read. We sit to watch TV, to use our phones, tablets, and laptops. Needless to say, we do our fair share of sitting. Research studies have linked prolonged sitting to a number of health conditions: high blood pressure, obesity, high blood sugar, increased risk of heart disease and cancer. Over the past few years this topic has been circling the news and gained a lot of publicity, some reports even claiming that sitting is the new smoking. I don’t know about you but I enjoy taking a seat and kicking my feet up. So, what are the big takeaways from the sitting research we mentioned earlier? First, we need to limit the amount of time we’re sitting by incorporating breaks to get up and move. Second, I think the way we’re sitting is very important (not in terms of the health risks discussed earlier but in regards to taking stress off our neck, low back, and the rest of our body). How long is too long to be sitting? Make sure you’re sitting less than eight hours per day and be sure to get up and move around from your seat every 30 minutes. Now, like we said, we need to (and like to) sit throughout the day. How many times have you been sitting on the couch watching a TV show (which turns into two, then three shows, before you realize, it’s midnight, you’ve watched the entire season and you’re out of ice cream...I know, me too) and after it’s done you feel like the tin man trying to peel yourself off the couch? You’re hunched over, bones are making weird noises, and it takes a couple minutes to “get things loosened up”. What if a couple quick changes to your sitting posture could make a real difference?

Steps to Correct Sitting:

1. Feet should be flat on the floor (yes both of them).

2. Hips should be positioned higher than your knees (if someone is looking at your from the side).

3. Try to sit directly on your “sits bones” or the bony part of your butt. Once you’re there, tip your pelvis forward so you’re sitting just slightly in front of your “sits bones”. That’s the sweet spot, try to maintain that position.

4. The best posture is the one that is always changing. Even the “perfect” posture held for a long enough period of time can stiffen you up.

Have a great July! Joe

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