2023 ElevateHER Sponsorship Prospectus

Sponsorship Prospectus

Sponsorship Prospectus

ElevateHER is about the future of the AEC industry, and Zweig Group’s commitment to re- cruit, retain, and engage the best minds in the industry.

It is a recurring annual focus group designed to pragmatically focus on building careers, companies, and communities that flourish, by developing and disseminating actionable plans on issues identified by the class as opportunities for the AEC industry to improve. Each year, the results from the ElevateHER cohort are made available to the entire AEC community as open-source material with recommendations on implementation.

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ElevateHER Sponsorship Prospectus

Or contact Shirley Che at sche@zweiggroup.com for more information. Commit to a sponsorship here.

Sponsorship Prospectus

It is our vision that finances do not prevent the best minds from participating in ElevateHER. For this pro - gram to be accessible to all, we need your help. Through your financial support, AEC professionals from all backgrounds, positions and firm sizes will be able to take part in this movement. The cost for participants to join the 2023 cohort is $3000, which includes participant’s access to Zweig Group’s entire research library (a $5,700 value), registration cost to attend (except travel) the in-person kickoff event and Symposium in February, attendance at a Zweig Group seminar of the participant’s choice, and access to trainings, materials and resources used in the development of project deliverables.

With you as our partner, Zweig Group is fully committed to providing the leadership, labor, platform, and technology necessary to facilitate this incredible opportunity. ElevateHER is built on the prem- ise that our legacies are inextricably linked, and we are all called to act. Together, we can solve this challenge and set the reference standard for other industries to follow.

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