Back & Neck Plus: Is Back Pain Slowing You Down?

Patient Success Spotlight

I am thankful for the treatments and individual care from Back and Neck Plus

“Success” is a product of working toward a goal(s). Lack of Success is not utilizing the tools we have learned that enable us to reach our goal(s). For me personally, to be successful I had to set the following goals; 1) Diminish my back and neck pain; 2) Increase my activities of daily living; 3) Receive relative treatment from my Physical Therapist according to data provided by my medical history and the DAVID equipment; 4) Become knowledgeable of home exercises that would retain and increase my strength and endurance plus reduce pain. I have been successful in meeting my goals! My pain has been reduced significantly and I am now able to resume my activities of daily living. My Physical Therapist, Susan, takes a personal

interest in my treatment, progress, and concerns. In addition, the DAVID Equipment is amazing due to its accuracy in assessing the location and degree of my weaknesses. The DAVID equipment then specifically treated my areas of weakness according to the EVE assessment data. Lastly, from my experience as a health care provider, I realize that “my success” in meeting goals came from going to Back and Neck Plus where I have received outstanding back and neck therapy. NOTE: I am thankful for the treatments and individual care from Back and Neck Plus where special individual interest was taken in my case. – Melinda H.

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Spine Restoration


Isolates the paraspinal muscles and deactivate muscle groups that naturally interfere with total isolation. Traditional physical therapy methods are not capable of effectively isolating the spine.



A 3-dimensional method which includes all three planes of spinal movement, i.e. sagittal (flexion-extension), frontal (side-bending to the left and right), and transverse (arial rotation to the left and right.

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Allows equal distribution of the load and motion across all segments of the spine in the full range of spinal movement.

• Decrease your pain • Increase your strength • Increase your activity level

• Increase your flexibility • Improve your health • Get back to living


The eValuated Exercise (EVE) system provides state-of-the- art monitoring and measuring capability.

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