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Help For Your ChildWith Sensory Issues



“I love working with children, as they always have a joy and innocence about them. They are ‘kids’ first and foremost, regardless of their disability. I work to make them feel at ease and willing to trust the work I can do with them. I encourage their every success. It’s so gratifying to see parents suddenly have hope for their children.”

EDUCATION/TRAINING: • B.S., Occupational Therapy – Loma Linda University, CA • Certification in Pediatric Neurodevelopment Treatment

INSIDE: DoesYourFamilyNeed HelpWithSensoryIssues? WhatSensoryIssueDoes

AREAS OF SPECIALTY • Sensorimotor integration • Feeding and oral motor dysfunction • Myofascial release

• Neurological injuries • Splinting • Adaptive equipment needs

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