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Road construction season over soon for Laurier Street


Des travailleurs s’affairent à remplir le dernier grand trou qui restait dans le cadre des travaux de mise à niveau de l’égout de la rue Laurier. Celui-ci a été rempli juste avant la véritable première chute de neige de décembre. Selon le directeur de l’infrastructure, Richard Campeau, les coûts véritables pour le projet devraient respecter les coûts projetés. —photo SNC

Well, the weather outside has been frightful for the start of the week before Christmas. But for city staff and works crews trying to get the last of the necessary sewer line upgrade done for the downtown portion of Laurier Street in Rockland, the situation is almost delightful. Richard Campeau, Clarence-Rockland director for infrastructure, hopes to have any remaining needed work done in spite of the recent snowfall. “ByThursday or Friday at latest, it should be done,” Campeau said during a recent phone interview. At the time, Campeau and his people looked forward to seeing all the excava- tions filled in again, with a new covering of asphalt, so that the street could reopen for normal traffic flow. He was still in the process of reviewing all the expenses involved for the work and expressed cautious optimism of not needing any extra allocations fromCity Hall to cover the final bill. “It (project budget) is hovering around the limit,” he said. This past season’s sewer line upgrade for downtown Laurier Street was a continuation from the emergency repair project done on the section located between the Laurier in- tersections with St-Jean and Edward Streets. Part of that section of sewer line collapsed as a result of deterioration due to age.

While work crews rushed to excavate the collapsed section, put in a temporary bypass and then replace the old pipe, the City com- missioned a drone camera inspection on the condition of the sewer line further up the street. The inspection indicated the portion of sewer line towards St. Joseph Street, finishing in the neighbourhood of the fire hall and the caisse populaire, was in adequate condition for the time but would soon need replace- ment or it would collapse too.

This year’s sewer line upgrade focused on replacing all of that section now, rather than deal with another surprise situation. The drone camera inspection indicated the rest of the line past the fire hall section is in good condition and should not need repla- cement for a while. Campeau noted that getting the upgrade work done has been a challenge, given the need to beat the arrival of cold and snowy weather inDecember. Once the final cleanup work is finished this week, he and his staff

will turn their attention to planning the work allocated for next year.

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