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October 2017


A (SOMETIMES) CHILLY CELEBRATION Growing up in Kentucky, it was almost guaranteed that I would see snow on the ground by the time October 31 rolled around. Occasionally, we got lucky, and we didn’t have to trudge through a cold tundra to earn our candy. My sister and I used to look up the weather forecast a week before Halloween to see if we were going to have to layer up under our costumes, and it was so disappointing when the forecast predicted a cold Halloween! My sister and I put a lot of work into our costumes, and it was always a letdown if we had to cover it up with a coat or bulk it up with a layer of long underwear. If we did have to cover up with a big coat, we would walk up to a house, ring the doorbell, and try to unzip before the neighbors could open the door. As you can imagine, there were times when the neighbors were too quick for us, and we had to yell “Trick or treat!” while we were still yanking on our zippers. We always prayed for a snowless Halloween so our costumes could stay intact, but the snow never ruined our excitement to get candy from the neighbors. HalloweenMemoriesFromMyChildhood

One year, my sister and I decided to go trick-or-treating as Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. She was taller than me at the time, so, naturally, she went as Stan. I went as a short and fat Oliver, which required me to stick a big pillow under my shirt. I remember being irritated at first, but it worked out all right since it was a freezing Halloween and my pillow kept me warm.

I grew up in the ’70s, and our costume selection back then wasn’t as diverse as it is today. When we bought a costume pack, we were given a vinyl-like outfit that we tied behind our backs and a hard, plastic mask held in place by an elastic band. The masks had three holes, two for our eyes and one for our mouth. When I think back on Halloweens as a kid, I have to laugh because I probably spent the same amount of time adjusting my mask

"When I think back on Halloweens as a kid, I have to laugh because I probably spent the same amount of time adjusting my mask as I did trick-or-treating."

as I did trick-or-treating. If I could see perfectly, I couldn’t breathe right. And if I could let out a clear “Trick or treat!” I couldn’t see anything. I am so glad they’ve done away with those masks. The candies I was always most excited about were the Bottle Caps. I liked to trade my sister and our friends for root beer Bottle Caps since that was the best flavor. My dad loved chocolate, and he would always tell us that he needed


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