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An executor is the person appointed to carry out the legal duties under a person’s will. Your role as executor starts immediately following that person’s death, and your responsibilities will include: • Locating the latest original signed will and keeping it safe. It may be required by the Probate Registry • Obtaining Probate (if required) - i.e. official confirmation of the will’s validity, which is granted by the High Court • Ensuring that any other named executors have been notified, as they must be consulted • Reporting to HM Revenue and Customs and accounting to the beneficiaries for all transactions involved • Obtaining the Grant of Probate, gathering assets, paying all tax and other liabilities due and then distributing the remaining assets as set out in the will The duties of an executor can vary widely depending on the complexity of the estate being dealt with and the wishes of the deceased. Many of the responsibilities can be complicated and time consuming. You may prefer to entrust some or all of them to experienced solicitors with specialist knowledge. Archers Law has a dedicated Wills Probate Trusts Unit with the skills and experience to administer the estate promptly and efficiently. We can assist with obtaining a Grant of Probate for a fixed fee or by our full estate administration service, in which case we deal with all income tax and inheritance tax issues as well as collecting in assets and distributions to beneficiaries. For full information about our executors’ guidance service, give Archers Law a call today.

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