Grassroots Advocacy Tool Kit - Courtesy of BMS


(Date) (Recipient Name & Address)

Dear (Name): Collectively, we are writing in regard to the (State Committee)’s planned review of 11 oral oncology medicines during its scheduled (Date), meeting in (Location). As the President of (Organization), an organization repre- senting over three hundred physicians, nurses, and professionals all dedicated to the treatment of cancer we are taking this opportunity to express our concern and the concerns of multiple statewide provider, patient and advocacy groups on the proposed review of oral oncology medications. (Organization) and the above listed organizations are frequently called upon to comment on state-based policy and legislation. We are concerned that by adding oncology drugs to the P&T Committee’s review, the State will begin to restrict access to cancer medicines for Medicaid Fee-for-Service program patients. We are also concerned that there are no oncologists on the P&T Committee. Oncology drugs, even those within a group of drugs treating the same tumor type, are not interchange- able. These drugs often have different mechanisms of action, different side effects, and could be targeted to different sub-populations within a tumor type. Additionally, oncologists recommend treatment based on the expected clinical benefit for the particular patient’s clinical profile. Establishing barriers restricts our ability to make the best medical decision for the care of our patients who are facing a life-threatening illness. Medicaid cancer patients already have poorer survival rates than patients who are commercially insured. Restricting access to necessary medication might only exacerbate these disparities. We are also concerned about Medicaid patients living in rural areas. Oral drugs are a more convenient way for them to receive thera- py than requiring them to travel great distances, particularly when they are very ill. Collectively, we urge the (Committee) to reconsider its decision to review oral oncology drugs. Thank you for your consideration. Respectfully submitted by the following patient and provider advocate organizations on behalf of their (State) chapters and/or constituents. (Name) (Title/Organization)

Examples have been provided by advocacy and professional societies and have been de-identified. For illustrative purposes only.


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