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A collaborative partnership involves people and groups working together to achieve a common goal. A collaborative partnership provides mutual benefits for each of its partners and allows each partner to utilize its resources more effectively.

1) What do you hope to gain from this partnership? 2) Do you share common goals and

expectations? Will this partnership allow you to stay true to your original mission or goal? 3) Have you established a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities? 4) Is there a natural fit between the individuals or groups so they complement each other? What makes this relationship mutually rewarding? 5) Will you be able to trust and openly communicate with your potential partner(s)? TIPS ON HOW TO PARTNER SUCCESSFULLY 1) Choose partners with whom your organization has a connection 2) Create a detailed plan of what you expect a partnership to accomplish 3) Promote your partnership online and in print materials

The Benefits of a Collaborative Partnership

By thinking, planning, and working together, individuals and groups can achieve goals that neither can do alone. Partnering with others can increase the volume of your voice while providing diversity to your messaging. A collaborative partnership will combine different perspectives from a variety of individuals or groups, and can lend credibility and strength to your end message or goal. In any collaborative partnership, it is important to identify the key stakeholders who share an interest in your issue and investigate whether collaboration makes sense. Individuals with a common interest may provide a perspective that you or your group has not yet thought of. Partnering Effectively with Others Before you consider the idea of a partnership, it is important to identify your organization’s strengths, available resources, and areas of expertise. This will allow you to seek out individuals and groups that will compliment your missions and goals. Establishing collaborative partnerships can provide a structure for planning and implementing ideas while working toward a common goal. Here are some considerations to think about when developing a successful collaborative partnership:


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