Grassroots Advocacy Tool Kit - Courtesy of BMS


There are different levels of success in advocacy – you will quickly see how the pieces fit together and how one success can lead to more. Successful advocacy requires careful thought and planning. This guide will review the importance of developing your own advocacy strategy prior to mobilizing your advocates. The first step to a successful strategy is creating an advocacy plan and learning where you can make a difference in the legislative process. This guide will also help you understand the importance of state level and congressional committees, and will provide you suggestions on ways to engage with these committees. Whether you choose to engage by telephone, mail, email, or in person, this guide will provide specific suggestions on the most effective ways to accomplish your goals. Finally, this guide will highlight additional strategies for meaningful communication, such as press releases, editorials, live testimony, and use of social media. Many elected officials utilize social media to communicate their priorities and keep a pulse on what is important to their constituents. Social media is another way to learn more about your elected official and to communicate what is important to you, their constituent. This guide focuses on: 1) The importance of developing your advocacy plan 2) How the legislative process works 3) How and when to engage in the legislative process 4) Appropriate use of all channels of communication

Elected officials make decisions every day about healthcare issues that affect the lives of patients. Help inform their decisions. Embrace the process, plan carefully, focus on making the biggest impact, partner with others as you go and have fun along the way.

Your story CAN change lives.


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