Grassroots Advocacy Tool Kit - Courtesy of BMS

Advocating within Departments Human Services/Public Health

Many states have an office for the healthcare advocate. On their websites youwill find information about your rights as a patient, including recent state and federal regulations, and resources for you to advocate on state healthcare issues. Engage with your state healthcare advocate to advance issues important to you. Advocating with State Health Insurance Commissioners The Office of the Insurance Commissioner protects patients and other consumers and oversees the insurance industry. You can work with the office to file a complaint, appeal or report suspected insurance fraud. Advocating with Drug Utilization Review Boards Similar to other state commissions and boards, the Drug Utilization Review Board meetings are open to the public. The board promotes patient safety through an increased review and awareness of outpatient prescribed drugs. Advocates have the opportunity to submit public comment on proposed rules and regulations to drug utilization review boards.


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