Grassroots Advocacy Tool Kit - Courtesy of BMS


Once you find something you really believe in, something you know needs to change, you want to tell everyone about it, right? This is the first step in the advocacy process and not a final stage. Educating your advocates on how to garner the support of others plays a crucial part in your advocacy success. This guide will help you identify the following: • A core group of advocates that will help engage others • Ways to engage your advocates throughout the year • Ways to create opportunities for your advocates important messages with others Advocacy identification must take place before engagement. Advocates carry messages into their communities and into the ears of their families and friends. If they support your organization and believe in the cause, a passionate and enthusiastic advocate will carry your message EVERYWHERE. It is your role to provide them the resources required to succeed. This guide will help you do that. Advocates who believe in your message will naturally encourage others to join the cause. Provide them ways to stay connected with you and your organization throughout the year, and create ways to celebrate their successes with others along the way. The final section of this guide includes success stories highlighting the importance of equipping your advocates with the tools they need to succeed. Read those stories, be empowered by their results and soon you and your advocates will have your own success stories to share.


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