Grassroots Advocacy Tool Kit - Courtesy of BMS


Over the years, the role of patient advocacy organ i zat ions has become i ncreas i ngl y important. Now more than ever, patient advocacy organizations are being asked and encouraged to play a critical role in the healthcare process. Patient advocacy groups are considered key stakeholders in healthcare policies and regulations, scientific research, some guideline committees, and patient education. The voice of an advocate is becoming more influential and prominent in the way healthcare is designed and delivered to patients. A strategy for getting others engaged with your organization should always be a part of your advocacy plan. Once your mission and advocacy plan are in place, it is important to get others involved in spreading your message. Identify a core group of advocates (your ambassadors ) within your organization, and task them with engaging others. True ambassadors will share your messages with their families, friends, and communities. Train your advocates on ways to educate others about the work you are doing and keep those messages short, simple, and personal. Your ambassadors will share your organization’s mission, the work you are doing, and an example of ways that other people can get involved, in just a few minutes. • Only a small percentage of the people you come into contact with will support you • Only a small percentage of those who support you will get involved • Only a small percentage of those who get involved will become advocates 1

For a resource and support tool to help you with engaging new advocates refer to the “How-To Guide on Developing Other Advocates” at the end of this guide.

AMBASSADOR: A person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity.



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