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Once again I amblessed to be able to share the amazing care, competence and commitment of our staff to go above and beyond to serve you in all ways and bring you joy and satisfaction in your experience here at Thomas Physical Therapy. Joanne (patient at Thomas PT)… “Place a bright star in the crown of Administrative Assistant Danielle for her steadfast support andwisdomwithmy difficult problemwith both Medicare and Social Security. As we tried to solvemy problem withMedicarewe discoveredmy SS# had been hacked. That was the problem, but solving it is another story. Danielle’s knowledge, attitude, thoroughness, calmness and confidence proved that the problemwould be solved. Her helping hand gaveme the strength toworkwith all- and I mean- all the offices to resolve the issues. My best toDanielle!” Danielle (admin assistant at Thomas PT)… “I set out to helpMs. Joannewith her insurance questions, the sameway I dowith all of my patients. Joanne had stopped receiving correspondence & reimbursement fromMedicare, even though her claims were being processed. I knew I wanted to be right by her side to get every answer she needed; we scheduled a time for us to call Medicare together. I had no idea that wewere actually about towalk right into themiddle of someone’s attempt to steal her identity and commit tax fraud. Unbeknownst to her, just a fewweeks before Joanne became our patient; someone hacked her credit report and used personal information to change her mailing address at Social Security. Medicare had, in turn, mailed her correspondence to an address in Tennessee instead of Joanne’s home here in Florida. I take pride in advocating for my patients, but I’d never faced an identity theft issue. I was so frustrated for Joanne andmore committed than ever to help fix it. Just knowing that we prevented serious

If each new year brings with it a new diet plan that promises the world to those who follow it, 2019 is shaping up to be the year of fasting. If you’ve missed the hype, fasting is quite a bit simpler than other nutrition trends like the keto diet or Weight Watchers program. Instead of counting calories or limiting sugars, you just don’t eat. Supporters argue that by putting your body into a “fasting state,” you can shed pounds and damaged internal tissue, increase your energy, promote cellular repair, lower bad cholesterol, and even protect against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Chances are you have a friend or loved one who’s tried out some form of fasting and discovered dramatic benefits. But before everyone starts skipping meals, it’s important to examine the research. Writer Julia Belluz at Vox splits the fasting trend into four categories. The first, “intermittent fasting,” cuts out or drastically limits your calorie intake intermittently. For example, thousands of people follow the popular “5:2 diet,” during which you eat normally on weekdays but consume less than 500 calories on Saturday and Sunday. Second is “time-restricted feeding,” where you only eat during a four- to six-hour window each day — followers usually skip breakfast or dinner. The third category is “periodic fasts.”With this diet, extreme fasters abstain from food for several days, opting for calorie-free fluids instead. Finally, there is the “fasting mimicking diet,” which involves intaking highly limited, plant-based calories for several days each month. People who use this technique like it because they believe they get the benefits of fasting without missing out on key nutrients. The underlying philosophy behind fasting for weight loss is pretty self-evident — if you don’t eat for periods at a time, you’re bound to burn off some weight. But proponents say the diet’s success can be attributed to more complex factors as well. They argue that as the human race shifted from hunter-gatherers to world-

damage toMs. Joanne’s identity gives me such a boost. If this weremymom, I’d want someone to go the extramile to help her; that’s the energy that drivesme to do whatever I can to helpmy patients!”

-Randy Thomas

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