February 2018 Leadership

Thought Leadership

INTERNATIONAL  PROFESSIONAL SERVICES FIRM As someone who took their first leadership role in 1979 and has been developing others since 1990 , I’m going to let you in on a recent but relevant guilty pleasure of mine – ever since Prince Harry announced his engagement I have been ‘researching’ the Netflix series ‘Suits’. The successful series starring Harry’s ‘soon to be’ bride ostensibly is about the law; but the storyline is all about leaders’ relationships, the pecking order, management of clients and staff. The 7 series so far is ripe, raw material for discussions on business ethics, partnerships both personal and professional and the compromises we make when loyalty crosses boundaries. Suits you, Sir? What does normal look like in 2018 for leadership?  MULTIPLE ASSIGNMENTS EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT

By Jill Dann - Head of Executive Development Brook Meadows

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