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May 2020

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Our referrals continue to be one of the best ways clients find us, and we deeply appreciate it! for your trust and confidence. Thank you Children’s Book Day was celebrated last month, and I wanted to recognize the special day. In 1967, the International Board on Books for Young People declared April 2 as Children’s Book Day. As a kid, I loved books. A few of my favorites include Goodnight Moon , Corduroy , The Runaway Bunny , Love You Forever, If YouGive aMouse a Cookie , Frog and Toad Are Friends , Green Eggs andHam , The Giving Tree , Madeline , The Berenstain Bears , Amelia Bedelia , MissMopp’s Lucky Day , Harriet the Spy , and Little House on the Prairie . The list goes on and on. For me, the love of reading was more than just the love of the books; it was the whole experience of immersingmyself in the story. I loved the time spent by my parents’ sides as they brought the stories to life. My mother, a teacher andmother of four, knew just how to read the cadence of each sentence. It was like listening to the story as a song—every word sounded beautiful and perfect in its place. My dad’s reading voice was rich and strong, but gentle. Listening to him read bedtime stories was like being enveloped in a cozy hug before dozing off to sleep each night. When I was pregnant withmy oldest son, I daydreamed about the childhood memories I hoped he wouldmake. I wanted to surround himwith books, and I hoped he could experience books like I had as a child. It might sound weird, but I began reading to both of my children when they were still inmy belly. I went throughmy parents’ stash of old children’s books and brought a pile home withme. The book I read the most was I’ll TeachMy Dog 100Words . My first child loved books from the day he was born. My second child could not care less about themuntil he was about 2 years old. He now loves books and has memorized the words of his favorite stories. There are lots of ways to provide opportunities for children to read books, but here are some of the ways our family incorporates books into our lives.

• We have a crate full of books in our playroom, in the family room, and in the kitchen. A variety of books are in full view and easily accessible to our kids at any time.

• Each child has a bookcase in their roomwith books to choose from to read before bed every night.

• We find a time to read that works for us. Whenmy first son was very young, I began reading to himwhile he ate in his highchair. That transitioned tome reading tomy kids at dinner (and sometimes breakfast and lunch). I love sitting at the table with them and reading while they eat. When I am reading, they don’t get out of their seats, pick at others’ food, or behave in a way that distracts from their meal. It makes dinner gomore smoothly, and it alsomakes that time together unique.

• We make blanket forts in our family room and bring books into the fort to read.

• In the spring and summer months, we enjoy reading books outside. We bring a blanket outside, set it up under a shade tree, and read while we listen to the birds sing and the breeze blow through the leaves. It’s one of my favorite warmweather activities. Sometimes we set up a tent in our front yard and read there as well.

• We have a stockpile of books in the backseat of the car for the kids to choose fromwhenever we are traveling.

• We have grown fond of audiobooks. If the kids are bored and we are trying to limit screen time, they enjoy listening to audiobooks. We can play them almost anywhere if we have a compatible device. They’ve listened to them in the car, in the bathtub, at breakfast, while coloring, and so on. What if I don’t have a child to read to, you ask? Bring the children’s books out anyway. I enjoy reading themmyself as much as I enjoy reading them tomy kids. Many stories impart simple lessons that somehow get lost along the way to adulthood. It also can be very grounding to read a book that transports me to a time in life when things were simpler. Of course, the memories alone that come with the books, such as the sound of a loved one’s voice reading the story, make reading the books worthwhile.

– Katie Fleschner McMullen

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