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What Are You Grateful For?

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The History Behind Christmas Lights

dental treatment cannot be performed by just a single person. As a team we have incorporated the “Mastermind Principle” of joining multiple minds together in perfect harmony thereby producing exponential outcomes. In other words meaning one plus one does not equal two but three or four. I try to be open to change and the staff has helped me to see the light when I am stuck in the darkness. A big thank you to: Michele, Lindsey, Elvina, Carol, Tina, Renata, Ben, Candice, Dan and Joshua for all your efforts. I am also grateful to you our patients for allowing us to treat your dental needs. Throughout the year many of you have shared with me your happy moments from getting married, having a baby, securing a new job and your worldwide travels. I have also learned of the challenges some of you are facing and your strengths in powering through them.

At Year’s end its time to reflect on what did and didn’t happen during the past year. In New York City with our hectic lifestyle we sometimes lose focus on what really matters. I believe your health and family are most important. Our dental practice would not exist without the staff. You may be scheduling to see me but that wouldn’t be possible without the support of our dental staff team members. Fortunately they have been with me for many years. I could not manage the practice without them. From the front desk/ reception, clinical staff, specialists and marketing personnel they all contribute to running the practice and maintaining my sanity. I am a big advocate of practice culture and believe to build great things you need a connected team. We celebrate our wins and proactively push through challenges together. Dentistry is a team effort and

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Your Immune System

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2019’s Hottest Wireless Earbuds

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Green Beans With Ginger and Garlic

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Our Coffee Picks

For most of us coming to the dentist is not a favorable adventure, but we are always happy to see you and strive to create a positive and relaxing experience. We take pride in the work we provide and want you to have a healthy and beautiful smile. With 2019 rapidly coming to an end you should plan for 2020. One way I plan is through the use of a journal. Whether you write your thoughts old school in an actual journal or new wave on your phone or machine the act of writing brings clarity to your thoughts and helps achieve your plans. You have to know your destination if you have any hope of arriving. Wishing you continued health, happiness and peace of mind in the new decade. Can you believe Y2K was twenty years ago? Time id definitely moving quickly; best to make the most of it.

I look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Glenn Reit, DDS



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