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MARCH 2020

Is Your Nonprofit at Risk? We Can Help The Modern IT Challenges Nonprofits Face

and support local businesses. With all their volunteering opportunities, they unite members of our community who otherwise would have never come together, like students and retirees. While nonprofits are staples of any community, they still face several IT challenges we’re passionate about helping with. The first challenge is compliance. Nonprofits are subject to a variety of regulations but often times lack the financial and technical resources to ensure total compliance. In order to do so, hiring an IT staff becomes necessary. It is important these nonprofits find a way to utilize outside resources to help them understand the level of risk they face and how to address it. Unfortunately, paying for assistance is often a struggle, which puts a strain on how they allocate their limited financial resources. The second issue these companies face is the lack of time they have to understand their IT risks and options for protection. Keeping up with the latest technology can be tough. One thing people rarely consider with nonprofits is the competitive aspect of their industry; they still need to attract customers and funding while keeping the lights on. This means they often don't have time to focus on their IT needs. Subsequently, when they’re not able to keep up with the latest technology, they risk falling behind the competition and falling victim to cybercrime.

March is mud season. It’s that ugly time of year when the thawing winter landscape turns into a sea of muck. When it came time to choose the topic for our March newsletter, we felt a little stuck in the muck ourselves. Then it hit us! Working with nonprofits is one of our specialties and one of our greatest joys. These organizations are the unsung heroes of many communities and the economy as a whole, and we would like to recognize them and explain why and how we help them. nonprofit is defined as “an organization that serves a public purpose rather than to generate profit that benefits any one individual or entity.” One thing that stuck out to us, though, when we first started reaching out to local nonprofits, was their openness to exploring IT protection. Across the board, everyone we have worked with has been very collaborative and committed to finding a solution to the level of risk they’re exposed to. We believe this is due to the nature of the people who work at these organizations — they’re committed to helping and working with people. It’s not just how friendly these organizations are that makes us so passionate about working with them, but we love the difference they make both on a local and national level. Typical types of nonprofits are advocacy, arts, civic, cultural, education, and health and human services. They also generate tax revenue, employ talented people, According to the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits website, a

nonprofits possess lots of sensitive data on their networks, including email lists, volunteer and donor information, and personal identifiable client information — all enticing to cybercriminals. Even though nonprofits recognize this, they often struggle to find time to build a solid security plan. That’s where Broadleaf IT services comes in! Our goal is to help nonprofits with the IT learning curve so they’re comfortable with adopting new technologies that can help them be more secure and more productive. We make sure to provide technology that aligns with their specific needs. We also provide access to a team of IT professionals who proactively monitor and manage their networks and increase their security posture. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your own current IT structure, never hesitate to reach out. Call us anytime at 978-362-0500 or visit our website at . We are proud to announce that Broadleaf Services has been selected to present at the NH Nonprofit Conference and Expo on May 11, 2020! If you are attending the conference, come by and say hello!

It's a misconception that nonprofits are not vulnerable to cyberattack. Many

–Chuck Mosca



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