MetroMinute October 7, 2018

October 7, 2018 Volume 2 Week 40

Hey, Quinnipiac University – you made this week’s Chartwells Weekly ! Check it out here: Chartwells Weekly Leadership Legacy Network (LLN) is holding an open house and speaker series at Sysco Ct on Tuesday October 9 th . If interested, register here: LLN and Sysco Ct speaker series Pleasant reminder concerning your AR balances - please see the past due balances by aged group: AR Balance. Accounts with past due amounts over 30 days past due , please have commentary back to Colleen Williams regarding payment status by Friday, October 5th. Some of you did not respond accordingly..

Our weekly (12) week rolling Labor Scorecard can be found here: Labor Scorecard

Your new budgets for FY19 have been loaded into DBS. It is now the rule versus the exception to forecast your (7) day sales (Friday-Thursday) proactively on the schedule page in order to determine how many labor hours you should schedule. Have questions - no worries. Reach out to for a tutorial, refresher or questions.

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