LEFRIK Transparency Report 2020

The truth behind our barcode



a) All parties ensure to honour and execute internationally recognized human rights, and b) do not involve abuses of such in their own or supplying operations. c) This aspect is valid for both employees as well as external partners.


a) Employeesmust be of legal of age to work in accordance with their country’s laws, eliminating the abuse of child labour for both our suppliers and their supply chain. b) Labour should be employed without force and without discrimination in the workplace. c) Harsh or inhumane treatment towards employees is not acceptable and all disciplinary procedures need to be recorded. d) Parties ensure safety and health in the workplace with access to clean toilets and drinking water and providing the optimal Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) where required. e) Employees should not suffer discrimination in employment on any grounds including but not limited to: race, age, gender, disability, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, medical condition. f) Employees have freedom of association and the right to collectively bargain for their interests within the workplace. g) Monetary compensation needs to adhere to industry and national standards; Payment of minimum wage is guaranteed, and payment of a living wage must be the aim. Payments and other compensations are to be made regularly and reliably. Employees can request written statements to justify how their wage has been determined. Remuneration must be equal for workers performing the same work or activity regardless of sex. h) Any leave e.g. annual, maternity or sickness is to be paid according to legal regulations as a minimum. i) Regular working hours are determined to adhere to legal and national laws. One day off per week is a minimum requirement.



a) Parties encourage and enable eco and socially friendly design and production practices. b) According to our definition, sustainability is best achieved through co-operation. As a result, we are open to exchange and collaborate on this path. LEFRIK will promote collaboration (in as much as its capacity) and aid the parties to achieve the most sustainable practices.


a) A minimum of transparency and honesty needs to be delivered according to national regulations. b) Partners are pursuing transparency within their entire supply chain. c) Corruption, extortion and bribery are not acceptable. d) Partners agree to send documentation of proof via video or other visual material to LEFRIK or an appointed third-party (e.g. auditor).

This Code of Conduct is an agreement between LEFRIK and its business partners to respect all above mentioned conditions and do everything in a party’s power to fulfil or exceed them.

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