LEFRIK Transparency Report 2020

The truth behind our barcode



Every time someone buy a Lefrik product they prevent waste, and we encourage our customers to do the same once the lifespan of our products end. We pay attention to the entire life cycle of items that we create, from source to manufacturing to distribution to disposal. Our bags and backpacks are made to last and with a seasonless design. Even though, if one of our customers wants to get rid of a backpack, we encourage them to recycle, reuse and repair it before throwing it away. If there’s any quality issue with our backpacks or they get damaged after using them, we offer a repair system, when possible, in collaboration with local repair workshops in the cities we are more present. If we don’t have any repair workshop in an specific city, we partially refund the cost of the purchase to encourage them to use it in a local repair workshop. On the other hand, if one wants to get a new Lefrik item, in our flagship store located in Madrid we offer them the possibility to come with their old backpack (even if it’s not a Lefrik bakcpack), so we can recycle it, and they get a discount for a new one. Once or twice a year, we do a Sample Sale in order to give our office samples a chance to get a new life. Samples are those items that were discarded before getting the final backpack as we imagined. They might have a different colored zipper, a smaller pocket or an extra label, but they are perfectly fine to be used and carried around. This is why we also want to give them a chance to be purchased instead of ending up thrown away.

To offer everyone advices and possibilities to prevent producing more waste is one of our focal points, specially in our social media where we encourage our audience to follow what we believe in:


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