LEFRIK Transparency Report 2020

The truth behind our barcode



From 2020 challenges, we have widely learned about what is really important and how to make a true impact on society.

During this global pandemic that we’re still facing, we’ve done our best to support all our employees and suppliers, putting some orders on hold instead of cancelling them. Good communication is key to engage with everyone involved in the brand, and because this is something we have been working on since Lefrik beginnings, it was easiest than expected. We also try to keep everyone safe by introducing teleworking in our team and giving our customers the option during lockdown to buy from the website but get it delivered once it was safe again for everyone. We used this down period to really look into what was essential for Lefrik, for the people involved in the projects and our commitment to our customers.

We reconsidered most of the timings and collections planned for 2020 and gave priority to those we thought will have a positive impact.

Once the “new normal”, or at least what we were told “new normal” was gonna be, came, we resumed everything that was pending; but with a new friend that will join us forever: prudence. We were starting to grow so fast at the beginning of 2020, that we lost track of what was necessary for our brand to grow in the right way.

The moment the world paused, Lefrik paused as well, and reimagined who we wanted to be and what we wanted to create.


58,000 Lefrik produced

1,5 M

223 TON recycled PET yarn

carbon dioxide 923 TON

water 1384 TON

plastic bottles

backpacks in 2020

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