LEFRIK Transparency Report 2020

The truth behind our barcode

2021 GOALS

We are striving to become a member of the Fair Wear Foundation . They are committed to finding a fairer way to make clothes and they engage directly with factories, trade unions, NGOs and govern- ments. Their aim is to make fashion fair for everyone across the supply chain.

Our main challenge will be to design & implement a more conscious logistic strategy by 2021 helping us reduce our carbon footprint and become a Carbon Neutral company.

Aiming to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy, we’re currently working on being certified as B Corp , in order to meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental perfor- mance, public transparency and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. We’ve submitted all our ethical and sustainable information and are on the wait list to be rated by Good On You, the world’s leading source for fashion brand ratings that helps customers to choose and reward responsible brands that do good, over the ones that don’t, achieving a more sustainable and fair fashion industry.

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