Biola Broadcaster - 1966-01



Statistics reveal a sad fact. The major portion, of people who die either leave no will, or else one which is not adequate to meet the needs of their loved ones or to carry out their personal desires. As an example: do you know what it will cost to take care of various court costs when you die? Do you know that there is a way to save those expenses, as well as long delays? Your Lord’s money can go right on working for His glory the day He takes you home. Again, have you wondered just how much your loved ones will have to pay in heritance taxes? Have you planned your estate, regardless of its size, taking full ad­ vantage of laws which allow valuable deductions now, while you are still living? Why not prayerfully consider the question, “Is the Lord’s work in my will?" Point toward the future with Biola.

For helpful information, descriptive brochures, personal counselling, without obligation, write, DEPARTMENT OF STEWARDSHIP BIOLA COLLEGE 13800 Biola Avenue La Mirada, California

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