samosas, fried prawns, Thai cigars, vegetable filo rolls and oriental wontons, all complemented by dressings and condiments.

TASTE BUDS INTRO Indulge in a feast of mouth-watering winter salads and antipasti, a salumeria corner, shellfish and mezes; “LM Makeyour-own-salad Table”, all complemented by our selection of homemade infused oils and vinaigrettes; and a selection of sushi, nigiri and other Asian treats. ‘DRESS’ YOUR SOUPS Winter mushroom and truffle crème Dress it to your taste with bacon wafers, curry emulsion, toasted almonds and parmesan shavings Thai tiger prawns and organic mussels broth Express your culinary creativity with pickled ginger, coconut shavings, coriander dressing and soy marinated leeks PASTA ISLAND Fresh tossed pasta with Norwegian smoked salmon, chevre and baby asparagus velouté Cannelloni all’ uovo with pulled duck and sweet potatoes, preserved orange and coriander fondue Potato dumplings with crispy zucchini, sage pesto and charred garlic tomato sauce LM FISH AND SHELLFISH ENTRÉES Local stone bass al cartoccio, with mint, pomodorini and lime segments Wild local meagre stuffed with a langoustine and bok choy mousse Tossed fresh shellfish with a white wine and vegetable liquor

CARVING BOARD & CO. Slow roasted traditional Christmas turkey crown, cranberry and rosemary rub Selection of condiments; mini chipolatas wrapped in fine bacon, home-made apricot chutney, reduced bourbon whiskey glaze and tarragon hollandaise Grilled New Zealand leg of lamb marinated in mirin and sake Selection of pickled mustard seeds, Canadian maple syrup and reduced demi-glace Pan-seared Scottona beef sirloin, onion and cauliflower risotto, reduced pan juices Braised local pork cheeks, caramelised apples and spring onion ragout, fig balsamic glaze Aubergine and beef tomato parmigiana (V) Brussel sprouts, cashews, English mustard gratin Broccoli rabe in chamomile, mango shavings Oven baked new potatoes, Himalayan salt, fennel and thyme Taro and new potatoes del Monaco SWEET TOOTH CORNER An array of made-with-love sweet delicacies proudly prepared by our chefs: mousses, cakes, gateaux, tarts, LM eclairs, Christmas mince pies, a chocolate fountain, hot pudding with cognac anglaise and much more to pamper yourself with.

KIDS’ CORNER Tossed pasta with tomato sauce, chicken nuggets, sausages, fish fingers, fries, smiley potatoes

ASIAN WONDERS A selection of oriental textures and flavours including barbary duck spring rolls, vegetable


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