Spotlight _ Spring 2023

This book highlights new textile and wallcovering releases from Momentum for Winter/Spring 2023



FEATURE COLLECTIONS Amari & Amari Stripe Paradiso Collection Parachute Collection


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UPHOLSTERY Beyond PVC- Coated Textiles

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Endurance EPU Silica / Silica Hybrid Drapery Collection WALLCOVERING Evolution of Luxe


Rivulet, Pima, Alto Sustainability by Design


Haku, Bastia, Paros Embracing Nature


Oracle, Laurel Leaf Elegance & Sophistication


Square One, Sweet Spot, Nippori, In the Loop, Ossian


Recycled Content



Available in Canada

PVC Free

IMO Certified

IMO Certified Treatment


Bleach Cleanable ✔


Spring 2023 sees Momentum continuing to evolve with design collaborations, material innovation and thoughtful solutions at every price point. Fresh and refined, we play with pattern and color to offer textiles and wallcoverings that translate the softness, sophistication, comfort and beauty of home into commercial settings. Luxurious hand-crafted wallcoverings, PVC-free solutions and dynamic new colors for Silica collection are all here.



We partnered with an American studio that uses traditional methods to create the Amari collection. Paper, plaster and touch of mylar come together in hand-applied layers to create the delicate and intricate motifs of Amari and Amari Stripe. Its materiality tells a story of beauty, craft and longevity. Use these spectacular wall coverings as the starting point to manifest a truly extraordinary space.​ 75 % Water-Based Plaster 15 % Paper 100 % Water-Based Inks

Source One Signature Wallcovering | 5

6 | Source One Signature Wallcovering


Avant-garde meets awe: new wallcoverings that make a spectacular statement. Innovative fashion was the starting point, specifically the ethereal artistry of Iris van Herpen, whose visionary creations merge pioneering techniques and luxurious, often shimmering and diaphanous, materials. Crafted using paper and plaster, the wallcoverings’ bold botanical textures evoke the extraordinary. AMARI & AMARI STRIPE


Source One Signature Handcrafted | 27” width Non-woven backing



8 | Source One Signature Wallcovering

AMA R I Intricate yet refreshingly modern, Amari’s tropically inspired and layered pattern creates a sense of biophilic elegance and awe. Available in 8 colors that range from high to low contrast, all on a jewel-tone reflective base, Amari is bold and inviting.

AMARI STRIPE Source One Signature Wallcovering

The elegant, flowing imperfection of wood grain and the nerve textures of leaves are what drove the organic design of Amari Stripe. Available in both matte and metallic colors, Amari Stripe, offers an innovative take on a nature-inspired design, one that feels both timeless and very much of the moment. Handcrafted | 27” width | Non-woven backing 8 PVC


Source One Signature Wallcovering | 11


12 |

BEAUTY & UTILITY with a touch of luxury: the handcrafted elegance of Amari and Amari Stripe is a spectacular contrast with hospitality-focused textiles.



Distilling natural forms—like cacti and birds of paradise—down to their essential elements, the Paradiso collection features three patterns that inspire connection. Using interrelated shapes and complex color combinations, Paradiso evokes a thriving, interconnected ecosystem. Lark and Boheme are so soft and inviting they can easily be mistaken for residential luxury fabrics, combining the comforts of home with the durability needed in office interiors.


Paradiso Upholstery Collection | 15

Designer Focus ELLIE MOSER Creator of the Paradiso Collection

Honestly, my favorite color changes every few weeks! Currently I’m obsessed with dark slate greens, but last week it was pale peach. My brain gets energized by contemporary art. My vacations are usually centered around museums or galleries, and I always come back to my desk afterward buzzing with new ideas. Right now, I’m excited about my new pattern Parachute. It was a challenge to create a linear design without repeating old territory, and I remember trying at least a dozen concepts before sketching this droplet motif. The contrast of round and pointy spaces had a nice flow, but I kept tinkering with it because it still felt a bit boring. It became true love when I erased a few lines randomly and let it breathe. I also love the colorline! Note: I have older favorites including Pod, Colorwheel, Guideline, Roster or Trivia My number one muse is an artist named Tauba Auerbach. Prolific is an understatement. Most of the museum pieces are paintings or sculptures, but Tauba also explores new processes constantly. Ongoing projects include typeface design, glass extrusion, woven canvases, origami, and much more. Every time I see a new series of work I’m blown away by their beauty and creativity.


Paradiso Upholstery Collection | 17

PARADI SO Paradiso Upholstery Collection

A large repeating pattern, bursting with color, Paradiso textiles will energize a room. Inspired by plant life the pattern evolved into geometric shapes and bold graphic elements. Using five different yarn colors for each colorway, Paradiso offers a visual feast of kaleidoscopic shades. The base fabric is made from two-ply cotton, punctuated with a tonal slub yarn, for a complex texture that can reflect a range of moods and interiors, including corporate, retail or educational settings. 51% cotton, 33% post-consumer recycled polyester, 16% nylon 100,000 double rubs


Paradiso Upholstery Collection | 19

20 | Paradiso Upholstery Collection

LARK | Paradiso Upholstery Collection Designed to be combined: Available in 16 complementing and contrasting tones, Lark can be beautifully mixed on a color-blocked single chair or within a single room. A classic texture made from linen and recycled polyester, it’s naturally variegated, creating a canvas weave. The color and texture of Lark is also designed to complement the bold statement graphics of the Paradiso fabric. The palette and textures inspire infinite creative possibilities. 72% recycled polyester, 19% viscose, 8% linen, 1% polyester | 100,000 double rubs


BOHEME Paradiso Upholstery Collection

Luxuriously silky and plush, Boheme looks like an exotic blend of linen and silk—yet is made from recycled olefin and polyester, a sustainable, exceptionally high-performing fabric. Refined, with a slight luster and rich, saturated colors, Boheme was designed to complement our Paradiso pattern, but works wonderfully on its own. 70% solution-dyed recycled olefin, 30% polyester | 100,000 double rubs 13

Paradiso Upholstery Collection | 23


24 |



of inspiration elevate educational spaces into creative hubs, optimized for learning and innovative thinking.


26 |


combinations of textures and bright or neutral colors will bring new energy and new inspiration to the workplace.



High-performance patterns, woven with recycled materials in a refreshing spectrum of colors, our Parachute collection is designed for both beauty and durability. The namesake pattern, Parachute, traces minimal, linear shapes in bright colors that create an elegant lattice. Piper blends five yarns to create a tiny plaid pattern, while Nubble is a soft and rich chubby boucle. Designed to complement each other, these rich colors and textures can be mixed and matched and will stand up to high-traffic environments.



Parachute Upholstery Collection | 29

30 | Momentum Parachute Collection

PARACHUTE Parachute Upholstery Collection A two-color linear pattern, scaled to suit any furniture size—big enough to create an impact, Parachute won’t overwhelm. With this flexibility in mind, we had a lot of fun creating a color palette that makes a design statement without having to shout. Classic neutral ground colors are paired with motifs in opposite hues: navy meets pastel peach (Orion), burgundy perfectly contrasted with sky blue (Razz). 74% post-consumer recycled polyester, 26% solution dyed nylon 100,000 double rubs 13 ✔

Momentum Endless Sunset Collection | 31 Parachute Upholstery Collection | 31

NUBBLE Parachute Upholstery Collection Inspired by the look at feel of luxurious boiled wool, Nubble is made from a unique blend of recycled fibers. It combines both matte and lustrous filaments, with colors rooted in earth tones. Soft forest green (Agave) and cerulean blue (Lagoon) play beautifully with the even more wool-like neutrals, like deep clay (Agate) and classic charcoal gray (Meteor). 75% recycled olefin, 19% recycled polyester, 6% polyester | 60,000 double rubs


Parachute Upholstery Collection | 33

34 | Parachute Upholstery Collection

PIPER Parachute Upholstery Collection

An intriguingly complex plaid, Piper uses fine-spun fibers interspersed with novelty yarns to create a densely textured fabric that isn’t bulky. Up close, the construction is evident, the vertical and horizontal stripes designed to accentuate the plaid crossing, while from across the room, the stripes appear to flicker. We used some high-contrast colors, like black and white (Dalmatian) or fresh light green (Mint). 64% post-consumer recycled polyester, 28% solution dyed nylon, 8% polyester | 100,000 double rubs 9 ✔


office interiors into places to pursue a passion, with pattern combinations that are curated to impress and inspire.



| 37

Technological innovation in service of a healthier planet: As we search for creative ways to evolve past PVC, we’re expanding the Endurance EPU and Silica collections with printed textures and stunning solids. GREENGUARD certified, and made with zero waste chemicals or solvents, these high-performance fabrics are designed to stand the test of time—while leaving a light footprint. BEYOND PVC

Endurance EPU™ & Silica™ Textiles | 39

Endurance EPU ® Scratch resistant and extremely durable, Endurance EPU® uses a superior molecular structure, compared to traditional polyurethane solutions —its denser construction means better performance. A sustainable, PVC-free product that is GREENGUARD certified, the manufacturing process uses 56% less energy than conventional polyurethane, zero water, zero waste chemicals, zero solvents and zero plasticizers.


MIXER EPU Coated | Endurance EPU®

Dynamic and durable, this crepe-like upholstery has a random-seeming design that is still incredibly versatile. Designed for mixing and matching, Mixer’s compelling color combinations and warm, welcoming feel invite infinite possibilities. 100% EPU Polyurethane 130,000 double rubs


20 ✔

TWILL EPU Coated | Endurance EPU® Textural and inviting, with all the advantages of a coated fabric, Twill’s woven fabric pattern features two tone printing to create depth and a classic textile look. 100% EPU Polyurethane 130,000 double rubs


21 ✔

Coated | Endurance EPU® Textiles | 41

S I L ICA TM NEW COLORS Coated | Silica


Subtly mimicking the look and feel of leather, Silica has infinite applications. Bold and beautiful new colors include rich jewel tones, clean brights, soft hues, and foundational neutrals. Our most sustainable, highest-performing PVC-free textile, Silica is supremely suited to healthcare and workplace environments. 100% silicone | 365,000 double rubs


59 ✔



SILICA STARTED WITH AN AMBITIOUS GOAL: Create an environmentally friendly alternative to vinyl and polyurethane. GREENGUARD certified, Silica, made from 100% silicone, was created with no PVC or solvents, with no harm to air or water quality at the end of product life, and is produced using less water and energy than traditional coated fabrics. And yet its performance exceeds expectation: extremely colorfast, durable, antifungal, inherently antibacterial and easy to clean — even tough stains, like ink, can be removed with only water and a mild cleanser. Numerous accolades and industry awards later, its record speaks for itself. PERFORMANCE. GREEN

SUSTAINABILITY • 100% Silicone

PERFORMANCE • Cleanable with bleach


ink erasable with water, all tested stains clean with damp cloth, extensive approved cleaners list • Extremely durable • Inherently antimicrobial & antifungal • No plasticizers, therefore no plasticizer migration • Extremely colorfastness

• Produced using less water & energy • Made with no harmful chemicals • PVC Free • No harm to air or water quality at end of life • GREENGUARD certified • Flame retardant free


Coated | Silica™ Textiles | 43

ABOUT SILICA HYBRID An innovative addition to the Silica family of coated products, Silica Hybrid incorporates the best of both silicone and polyurethane. Its substrate combines a polyurethane that’s engineered for performance along with the look and cleanability of silicone. This unique construction offers an exceptional hand, notable performance and more uses—all with the magnificent performance of Silica.

WHISP Silicone, PU Hybrid

A soft, welcoming textile — Whisp satisfies the high-performance demands of healthcare or workplaces. Appearing like a textile, but made from a silicone/polyurethane hybrid, it has a compelling crosshatch pattern that evokes the warmth of linen but has all the features and durability of a coated fabric. 70% Polyurethane, 30% silicone | 500,000 double rubs 21 ✔ PVC

Coated | Silica™ Textiles | 45


46 |

PHYSICAL & MENTAL WELLBEING are key drivers in healthcare design. Our updated colors and textures were created with this in mind.


Bold and fresh textures and colors define the Texture Showcase collection—designed to inspire sensational vignettes for every window. Refined textural weaves and subtle patterns are paired with metallic, linen, flannel, and crepe fabrications to create drapery that can inspire awe.



Texture Showcase Drapery Collection | 49

50 | Texture Showcase Drapery Collection

LINETTE Texture Showcase Collection A slub yarn lends a nubby texture to Linette, which adds a new dynamic to its natural linen look and feel. 100% Polyester 6 TREATED

LIBBY Texture Showcase Collection

Libby’s evident basketweave texture is softened by the variegated yarns, giving it a soft, handcrafted look and feel. 68% Polyester, 32% FR Polyester 4 TREATED

RHYME Texture Showcase Collection A symmetrical chevron weave evokes midcentury design while staying crisply contemporary. 100% Polyester 3 TREATED

ABLUSH Texture Showcase Collection

A dappled, complex texture elevates a classic crepe weave. Ablush’s soft and luxurious hand set it apart, and

its drape is designed to create a flowing window treatment. 100% Polyester 10 TREATED

SPECK Texture Showcase Collection

Lustrous warp and contrasting colors creating a visually stunning effect. 60% FR Polyester, 40% Polyester 6

MELTON Texture Showcase Collection

The look and feel of flannel gives Melton a rustic and cozy aesthetic. Two-tone heathered yarn is dyed in deep colors for understated elegance. 100% Polyester 9 TREATED

SERENE NEUTRALS provide the understated backdrop for this drapery collection: Welcoming comfort meets a smattering of bright and cheerful colors. Innovative combinations offer inspiring opportunities to created unique and energizing spaces.

Texture Showcase Drapery Collection | 53

54 | Texture Showcase Drapery Collection

LIQUIFY Texture Showcase Collection

A mighty metallic, designed for shimmer and shine. An Liquify was inspired by the flow of dazzling liquid metal, softened by tonal variations. 67% polyester, 33% FR Polyester 5 TREATED

REGARD Texture Showcase Collection

A classic plain weave, Regard has a slub appearance on both vertical and horizontal planes. A timeless design, its inviting neutral palette is suited to virtually any design style. 100% Polyester 9 TREATED

MARIN Texture Showcase Collection

Soft color changes are interwoven into Marin’s delicate crepe texture. Inviting color complexity means

infinite options. 100% Polyester 11



Combining wonder and inventiveness, we’re redefining modern luxe. Accessibility and luxury were the inspirations behind our newest wallcoverings, Rivulet, Pima and Alto. Designer wallcoverings with a modern twist, they are beautiful, practical, and durable.

Momentum Lanark Wallcovering | 57

58 | Momentum Lanark Wallcovering

RIVULET Type II Clean Vinyl

With its delicate linear structure and bold watercolor texture, Rivulet is a fresh interpretation of traditional silk wallpaper. Further inspired by organic natural forms — like a horizon line of fog or waves flowing onto the beach — the pattern’s reflective ground creates a shimmering effect, subtle and inviting. Type II | 20 oz | 52/54” width Non-woven, 85% post-consumer recycled content backing 13 ✔

60 | Momentum Lanark Wallcovering

Key Words Linen, Multi-color, Natural, Organic, Random, Woven

PIMA Type II Clean Vinyl Structure meets softness with this textural wallcovering that was inspired by needlework, geometric architecture and a perfectly tailored Chanel tweed jacket. Deep, saturated colors complement each other in the weave —dark blue flecked with green, taupe enhanced with lavender gray or refreshing light blue—ensuring that Pima will make an impression. Type II | 52/54” width Osnaburg backing

16 ✔

ALTO Type II Clean Vinyl

Like the elements of a song, Alto is multilayered—its sharp, embossed texture gives it the look of a high-tech woven fabric, while its unique color combinations have a light-shifting effect on the wall. Inspired by Italian architecture and fashion, it’s both beautiful and accessible. Type II | 52/54” width | Osnaburg backing 17 ✔

Momentum Lanark Wallcovering | 63


64 | Momentum PVC Free Wallcovering

Compelling and welcoming wallcoverings: Haku, Bastia and Paros are made without PVC and have a minimum of 20% recycled content. Constructed from an olefin composite, we didn’t sacrifice performance or durability with these innovative, technology-driven designs. TY by DESIGN


The tonal complexity of dip-dyed silk was the inspiration for Haku, at once flowing and impressionistic. Its vertical brushstrokes, rendered in a diverse palette of lush jewel tones and earthy neutrals, gives a sophisticated and almost mystical allure to a wide range of commercial spaces. Type II | 52/54” width | 80% Olefin, 20% post-industrial recycled Olefin Osnaburg backing 12 ✔


Momentum PVC Free Wallcovering | 67

VANTAGE III BASTIA Wall Protection, PVC Free

12 ✔ Painterly strokes meet a touch of metallic shimmer in Bastia, with its multicolored horizontal pattern and refined silk embossing texture. Fresh and airy, its colors range from warm or cool neutrals to pops of bold blues and oranges. Type III | 52/54” width | 70% Olefin, 30% post-industrial recycled Olefin | Drill backing | Assure surface protection finish PVC

Momentum PVC Free Wallcovering | 69

70 | Momentum PVC Free Wallcovering

VANTAGE III PAROS Wall Protection, PVC Free

A subdued marbleizing effect is achieved through faint veining and hazy cloud patterns, Paros is an expressionistic take on stone tiling. The grounding design evokes Grecian stuctures’ smooth yet complex surfaces, burnished over time. Type III | 52/54” width | 70% Olefin, 30% post-industrial recycled Olefin | Drill backing | Assure surface protection finish



Inspired by biophilic design, Laurel Leaf and Oracle can create an ever-changing landscape to evoke a sense of physical, mental and emotional security. Add wonder and delight to any interior through nature-inspired patterning. EMBRACING NATURE

Momentum Clean Vinyl Wallcovering | 73

74 | Momentum Clean Vinyl Wallcovering

ORACLE Type II Clean Vinyl

The future is now: Oracle is an artistic take on a traditional marble design. Undulating brushstrokes mimic striations of metamorphic rock. Its watercolor layers are rendered in crisp detail, revealing subtle textures and patterns. Type II | 52/54” width | Osnaburg backing 9 ✔

LAUREL LEAF Type II Clean Vinyl Drawn first by hand, Laurel Leaf’s inspiration was a photograph taken at a restaurant in Mexico City. Lines of leave patterning meander across the wall like a lush forest. Its textural mid-scale pattern comes in various colors that use both matte and opaque inks. Type II | 52/54” width Non-woven, 50% post-consumer recycled content backing


Momentum Clean Vinyl Wallcovering | 77


Mixing timeless elegance and modern simplicity, these thoughtful designs incorporate elegant metallics, and contemporary patterns. The elevated wallcoverings can be a starting point for spaces that are equally welcoming and sophisticated.

Momentum Clean Vinyl Wallcovering | 79

NIPPORI Type II Clean Vinyl

A new take on linen: By layering textures in different orientations, Nippori takes linen’s basic structure and adds complexity. With light neutrals and exciting colors,

it suits virtually any commercial interior. Type II | 52/54” width | Osnaburg backing

13 ✔

Momentum Clean Vinyl Wallcovering | 81

SQUARE ONE Type II Clean Vinyl A pattern within a pattern, Square One uses angled rectangles to evoke patchwork layers and a maximalist feel. Its geometric pattern is juxtaposed with the warm loose linen muslin background. An elevated design, its eight colors offer a range of ways to enhance contemporary spaces. Type II | 52/54” width | Non-woven,

50% post-consumer recycled content backing York Defender® Premier Antimicrobial Protection


82 | Momentum Clean Vinyl Wallcovering

SWEET SPOT Type II Clean Vinyl Broken horizontal lines form and fade, leaving a subtle dot pattern, like a contemporary field of lunar phases on a textural ground. Sweet Spot’s color palette of burnished metallic and black, on a background of core neutrals, balances an elegant shimmer with inviting warmth. Type II | 52/54” width | 100% Vinyl Non-woven, 50% post-consumer recycled content backing 8 ✔

IN THE LOOP Type II Clean Vinyl

This soft and inviting boucle fabric features marled yarns threaded with a touch of metallic mineral shimmer. In the Loop’s warm and sophisticated color palette is informed by iconic fashion and nature-inspired neutrals, naturally contributing to a calm, comfortable space. Type II | 52/54” width | Non-woven, 50% post-consumer recycled content backing | York Defender® Premier Antimicrobial Protection finish 12 ✔

OSSIAN Type II Clean Vinyl Featuring a new woven stitch embossing pattern, Ossian’s matte metallic luster emphasizes the intricacy of the textures. Earth tones and neutrals create a compelling palette that’s both subtle and elevated. Type II | 52/54” width | Osnaburg backing 12 ✔

Momentum Clean Vinyl Wallcovering | 85


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