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May 2017

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Our Plan to Help Cancer Patients Suffering From Poor Hearing

center on the property and are raising money to sponsor 12 patients at a time to experience this new kind of treatment — a program they hope will only grow with time. That deeply moving conversation planted a seed in both of our minds and got us thinking about the ways that we might be able to contribute to fighting the cancer epidemic. We’d been looking for some big, wide-reaching way to help out, but being around all these people tangibly working to fight cancer, we realized that maybe we’d been thinking too big. Maybe we didn’t have to wait until we had this huge grand plan. Maybe we could just use our immediate resources and establish some means to aid those who are suffering as soon as possible. So, long story short, we’re in the early stages of starting to partner with a nonprofit foundation, applying our own unique expertise in order to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. Many people don’t know this, but cancer, and especially chemotherapy, destroys your hearing. Of course, amid the myriad costs associated with cancer treatment, worries about hearing well can easily fall by the wayside, essentially eliminating a massive component of the quality of life of the patient. Janice and I are looking to alleviate this through the creation of a program that provides cancer patients with free access to hearing aids, as well

Everyone has their own experience with cancer. Since Janice’s mother passed away of lung cancer recently, both of us have been looking for an opportunity to aid others suffering from the disease in any way we can. Luckily, one avenue has presented itself in the past few months — one that’s energized us with the feeling of purpose and the potential to help others. Let me give a little background first. Back in February, I was visiting Costa Rica for a two-week “entrepreneurial mastermind” to learn tactics to optimize our business systems and provide better patient care. At the conference, I got the chance to talk with an extremely successful man whose wife had recently recovered from cancer. everything, bought a huge amount of property in Costa Rica, and moved them both down there. Along with his own fervent research, he gathered as many experts in medicine as he could in order to determine the best possible treatment for his wife and the millions of others suffering from the disease. Essentially — and I’m oversimplifying here — together they created a natural, nutritional, plant-based diet approach to treating cancer, applied in tandem with many treatments prescribed by traditional oncologists. Through several months with the treatment, his wife had made it out completely cancer-free. Now they’re in the process of building a wellness Originally a scientist from New York, upon hearing his wife’s diagnosis, he dropped

as treatments through Quincy Hearing or other partnered providers.

Though it’s still in the early stages — we don’t even have a name for the program yet — we’re both deeply passionate about the cause. Seeing the painful impact cancer has had on our loved ones firsthand, we’re eager to ease the debilitating burden of treatment in any way we can. Of course, getting something like this off the ground is anything but easy. The paperwork alone is incredibly complicated. But, it’ll all be worth it if, down the line, we’re able to change even one patient’s life for the better.

Phil Powis

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