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March/April 2019


You Don’t Need to Go It Alone

There’s no reason to face the existential frustrations of running a business alone. Asking for guidance isn’t a cop-out. In fact, looking to someone else for advice is sometimes the only way you’ll be able to gather the insight necessary to take your business to the next level without going through trial-and-error tribulations. Many of us get wrapped up in this idea that we have to control every single part of our lives to be a leader, but that’s not true. One of the qualities of a leader is the ability to be malleable. By putting aside your ego and addressing the areas where you feel you’re falling short, you’ll become the leader you always saw yourself as.

There is no better place to turn than to an experienced professional when you’re facing problems.

It comes down to being fluid and knowing the right time to make the hard choices for your company. When I started my first business in my 20s, I did everything myself. I didn’t know any better. From the paperwork to the legwork, from the scheduling to the marketing, I thought I had it all figured out. What I had figured out was how to waste a whole lot of time teaching myself the ins and outs of the business, only to fall short until I learned the right way to do it. As you can imagine, that didn’t turn out to be a world-class display of time management skill. But what it did do was pave the way for me to learn every aspect of the working world so my clients didn’t have to. Let my youthful mistakes and adult successes be the doorway to taking your business to the next level. You don’t need to be intimidated; a business coach can mean different things for different businesses. Here’s how you know when it may be time to make the call: Your results are lacking, you can’t pull off your plans to the best of your ability, you’re no longer motivated to allocate your time and resources better, you’re constantly irritable or frustrated by employees, you feel as though your ideas are the only good ideas; or you just need someone to confide in about your recent business struggles. There is no better place to turn than to an experienced professional when you’re facing problems. Don’t be overwhelmed. All you have is time.

lose by telling you how it is, and many times, that’s exactly the kick in the

pants you’ll need to get your affairs back on track. By taking a step back and working through the processes side by side with a mentor, you’ll be able to quickly identify and remove the obstacles that are causing these mental blocks.

A proper business coach will be there to guide you through the tough times and bring you back down to earth during the good times, all while passing along advice to bring your business to a sustainable and profitable level. Whether you’re looking for growth, retention, or increased efficiency, there’s always a conversation to be had. And when you feel you’re ready for that conversation, your friends at Coachfirm will be here to listen. With coaching services in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, there’s never a wrong time — or place — to take the next step. If you mention the newsletter when you call or go online at , we will provide you with a free consultation.

The most significant help is getting someone to take an objective look at your operations. You’ll be bringing on a professional with nothing to

-Bob Scott


You see problems. We see possibilities.

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