excellent production and arranging with subtle California pop teasers ·make it the best example of this style. · There's one problem with all of the groups discussed: teenagers don't listen to it. The reason why is most clearly evident, it lies in its availability. Most of th.ese bands are on smaller independent , 'labels (as was most of the authentic 50's ·,rock 'n' roll... ) and those on large 'major' labels are virtually ignored by the company and t~e record-buying audience. Since all the bands are singles oriented , and release singles ·regularly, ifs natural · to think that teenagers (a singles-buying · audience) would pick up on them, l;mt · the Kidz ·have got to hear them first, and the 1973 "rock" radio programmer will I/Ot put them on the playlist. Stalemate. Those who are interested, after sampling .a few of the bands discussed here, can keep track of the new Teenage music via this magazine and the excellent ' Greg · Shaw, whose writing is printed "If you think we 're going to stand here , while you insult us like in all your other , captions, you're crazy." Blue taking an . aggressive stance. regular:ly in CREEM and on ,his own PHONOGRAPH RECORD magazine. Although ·none of the music's .- members are virtuoso musicians, they . don't have to be. Y'see, Teenage music is based on a feeliag: a feeling you can't get from any other forms of music. It's young, enthusiastic, fresh, vibrant, it makes you feel . . . well, it just makes , you feel. Periocf:-In a way, it's hoped that this music doesn't get the popularity it deserves. Why? Because this jaded writer · knows what money can do to rock 'n; roll . music, through its- musicians. And he would simply rather have thousandaires striving for millions than millionaires · striving for . notl)ing. Figure it out for yourself. As for dissenting claims on the music if it sounds old and imitati~e, it sound~ that way to us old farts, the Kidz haven't heard the old stuff. Remember how your

parents laughed at yor for liking the Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys, etc. y OU remember the feeling, trying to convince them the joys of your music, and they'd only answer with "How can you listen to that crap?". You know the feeling. You look down on this new Teenage music, and there's no excuse for you. If you dislike it, fine, but don't get in its way, because it'll shoot you down as easy as Townshend used to destroy his guitar. Rock 'n' roll belongs to the Kidz, we're just observers. A very small incident ironically sums up this whole business: an,11 year old girl went to see Wings in concert and upon noticing the older couple seated next to her exchanging insulting comments about McCartney while he was performing, asked· the couple why they were saying that McCartney has become so lame now. She wanted to know what McCartney had been in the older days. She didn't know! By god, the start of a new generation. When she asked me that, I could've kissed her . -Gary Sperrazza' The End I "Ethan had a problem - he struggled with guitar Trying to outdo the family tree For him that wasn't easy, 'cause father was a star And that's what they expected him to be So don't give up, 'cause father's getting . 1 'old We need someone to carry on the name · Don't get ·discouraged, just practice when • you're told · And you can soon take over his fame We hate to force it on you, it's for the family name And someday you will thank us from the stage I think you 'd better hurry 'cause dad is lookirrn grey We need someone to carry on the name Don't get discouraged, we know that you can play And father's days are numbered, go practice rill'ht away." -David Beaver _Brookfield 'Music, ·. Inc. (BMI) His energy is starting to fade away Don't give up, it all depends on you

frills thansmitted through oscillators ancl synthesizers. As there is a sense of morbidity and an attempt at escapism in their themes (lyrics); there. is this same morbidity evident in the. seemingly redundant sound they throw at us. Even the packaging for Space Ritual has a cold, inhuman quality about it. A six part cover that folds out to the size of six album jackets (one up on Blue Cheer's Outsideinside) is covered with mid;60's acid-rockfreakism photography, cosmic fantasy drawings and a nude Stacia (a space .goddess indeed) with Andromeda Strain computer printout type for related . phrases over the pictures. ' Space Ritual, recorded live in England, is a musical representation of a story so ambiguous that it forces .the listener to do all the work in interpreting it. As a double album of heavy attacking rock and formless experimentation (a minor part), it implies a conflict between their two styles. But it is the h_eavy metal aspect that dominates and it's Hawkwind 's mastery of it, that makes them so special. Space Ritual is helped along by fantasy writer Michael Moorcoc_k who ·contributed themes, passages and poetry. Calvert's readings sound a bit ridiculous in context with the energy of the music, but supply quiet breaks from which Hawkwind's dramatic song openings can blast off of (some of the material is from older albums). "Lord of Light" comes acros~ as the most melodic of their heavier material. A fine bass line and solid drumming set the groundwork for a plea by Brock, keeping an attempt at consistent vocalization rather than the spontaneous tokenistic grunts that usually ac·company Hawkwind's music. "Space is Deep" is a space chant creating images of surviving Earthlings reflecting on their planet, long since dead. "Orgone Accumulator" is a return to the · Earth in the form of a · cosmic;: boogie, a plutonian Canned Heat, possibly Disneyland's Pluto. "Brainstorm," taken from DoReMi, is our personal favorite, possibly creating a new energy level i1t_its own right. Dave Brock sets up a slicing, guitar riff as the band plays their bodies out, giving the song th_e full treatment it deserves. The flip ·of the "Silver Machine" single, "7 X 7" is given a , desperate feel as Brock casts his

SPACE RITUAL-HAWKWIND (UA) As you all know, the prime force, the 'essence' if you'll permit, of good rock has always been Energy. Rock Energy is created through two different methods. One is Energy through enthusiasm: an excitement and freshness created humanly through ·youthful, joyfully unrestrained vocals and fresh pop arrangements, things like the Beach Boys, Wackers, Big Star, early Hollies, Blue Ash, early Stories, Stealer'·s Wheel, etc. The second method is Energy , through electricity: raw electric rock · power which, in its throbbing pulse and relentless, continuous drive forces you to react, groups like the Stooges, Black Sabbath, Dust, Groundhogs, early Grand Funk, Pink Fairies, etc. The electricity that seeps into your system can be absorbed and channeled, which supercedes you initial reaction to it. The faet that voltage enters. your system is much more important than whether you belch, tap your feet or sit frozen, mesmerized by the sound itself. Embracing this- electrical umbilical cord are Hawkwind, innovatively neanderthal, obscurely familiar and radically redundant. All in a positive sense, you understand. Hawkwind have been together four years and Space Ritual makes their fourth album. Noted as a people's (read ;hippie') band, they've attracted a wide following in England tlirough their concerts (many of them free) and two singles, "Silver Machine" (No. 3 in, England; not on any album) and "Urban Guerilla" (a new ..release; not on any album). The first three albums, Hawkwind, In - Search of Space and Do Re Mi Fa So L~ Ti Do, while not always following a storyline as often as they'd have us believe, were conceptual in their initial inspiration, dealing with space themes, cosmic battles and int~rgalactic voyages. The line-up of Ha0kwind fluctuates as often as Marvel Comip's Avengers, but the basic five are: Dav.e Brock -(guitar), Lemmy (bass), Simon King (a truly inhuman drummer), Nik Turner (sax) and Del Dettmar (synthesizer). Playing a ·crucially important role in the presentation is DikMik, whose audio generator creates a range of sounds from subsonic to ultrJsonic frequencies; it is DikMik who 11:elps one to feel the music

Why do you think I acted like this during the 6 O's? If you had ulcers and hemorroids and lumbago of the earlobes, you'd act like this too. But that's OK cuz when, I'm at the Aud with the Mothers and Taj Mahal Nov. 21, I'll be so nice and maybe I'll tell you why I like deptal floss so much. ..

so much more kinestheticly. Icing on the cake are Stacia, whose extraordinary costumes and seductive dancing serve to cement those urges the music stimulates and Bob ,Calvert, a poet and narrato,r · whose worthiness in the band is questionable. , Hawkwind is space muzak, oscillated heartbeats; an energy level that seeps into your body as well as into your ears. At first, they were regarded as a poor man's Pink Floyd, but Hawkwind has surpassed any physical impact Pink Fl

"Afright, you guys have been as½:ing for it. Here's your goddam co,w•ip' album.,, Dec. 8, UUAB presents Lou H·· :'!ri's Berlin Show in the Century Theatr,c. Ii they wuz smart, they'd .stage it in those abandoned · train depots downtown behind the Aud. Now there'd be a show.

Hawkwind laying down the basic tracks to "Sonic Attack."






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