Cold Cuts --------- FULL SAIL Loggins &Messina (Columbia)

have, at times in the past, made joking references to what we call the "CBS House Band," a group of session musicians who back up noted or un-noted singer/songwriter types and appear to be quite close as when you'll find one member on an album, a closer look will reveal other House Band members present also. To give a complete personnel list would be no fun, that's for you to figure out (gives you something to do next time you 're browsing through · your local record · store,right?). Since they are sessioneers, they're not paid to be too inventive, hence hindering the new solo artists' chances, by giving him a lifeless backing. With this album, Craig Doerge (in the trend of some of his fellow House Banders, Larry Carlton and Danny Kootchmar, who've both attempted solo albums) brings together many of his pals to produce an' album that reveals all of the CBS House Band's faults. Doerge hasn't the strength to carry this limp collection of tunes alone and even his own buddies show no signs of wanting to help. It looks like the CBS House Band will never break up, so remember, boys, we'll be watching you. Rock on? Disappointing, but by no means bad, set from this fine English band with a misleading name, Although blues is used - as a backdrop for their material, the music is raw, powerful rock which draws from any other music form it' sees fit. This foursome is a tight, cohesive unit , with snappy vocals (a great bass vocalist), but most of their strong points are lost in this overlong live two-record set. Live versions of many··of their older gems ("All the Time in the World," "Shake Your Love," "Standing by a River," "Country Hat," "You Make Me -Sick''), traditionals ("Seventh Son," "Let's Work \ Together") and new material ("Mesopopmania,' ' "I am Constant") are lost in the chaos of the rowdiest New York crowd ever captured on vinyl. Constant chattering, yelling a~d firecrackers going off lead this reviewer to recommend any of their five other studio albums, where Climax really shine, LIVE A. T THE RAINBOW Focus (Sire) Wlat this world needs I is a good laxative. WAen an album's highlight is the best stereophonic applause ever recorded.......... . FM LIVE Climax Blues Band (Sire)

GRANICUS (RCA) Careful with this one. The S0's rock 'n' roll revival has died away to be replaced, on the critics level, by a punk-rock revival. Even though the punk revival hasn't run its course· from the critics to .the audience th'oroughly, a new revival has .been started. Following a chronological order, the punk rockers then discovered drugs. Acid punk rock, that's what Granicus is. Granicus' -music is · straight driving rock with dips and escalation in power coupled with such moronic lyri&s as "Let me drop my load on you, America" and "I've been high, I've been low/I've been people I just don't know." Funniest thing · on the album is Stephen (Rolling Stone) Holden's predictable liner notes as, in true Stone 'form , he makes a mountain out of a molehill and an ass out of himself: "Granicus advances white blues progressivism in'\rock without sacrificing the grass roots populism that "blah blah blah." What's a political science major doing reviewing records for Rolling Stone 7 Anyway, Granicus is so bad that it's a sure shot they'll make it. We're just worried that, by following this order in music revivals, the next revival is goipg to be acid rock, and then we'll all nod out quietly with Jerry, Grace and those other robots. , Look out, those home-spun high energy rockers, BOA, are back with more of their get-down-rock-and-roll. Still think they need a singer since Jim Dandy's vocal masturbation is not my idea of a good clear voice, but he's a good gimmick. He gets to jump around and answer when people ask ·him why his skin-tight pants never split in mid-kick. Basically BOA is a fair rock and roll band and this is a fast improvement over their previous releases. A clearer produ'ction job allows "Swimming IN Quicksand" and ~'Jim Dandy" to shine.brightly on an otherwise uninspiring disc. CRAIG DOERGE (Columbia) !.,et's get serious for a moment : we HIGH ON THE HOG Black Oak Arkansas (Atco/Atlantic)

This is more of "the same old wine in a brand new bottle." While it's not a bad album, it has nothing new, nothing we haven't heard from L&M before. They've simply rehashed the J:!!aterial from their first two albums. "Lal::iaina" is a slightly spritely repeat of "Vahevala." "Path Way To Glory'' is a "new" and even more , monotonous "Golden Ribbons," or ·: "Same Old Wine." 'My Music' is a repeat of "Your Momma Don't Dance." "A Love Song" is· an attempt to repeat the successful tenderness o("Danny's Song." It's no longer a fresh breeze that L&M's sails are full of, it's hot air. Or maybe it's gas. Things are repeating. Loggins and Messina seem to prefer it that way , but a belch like this is unexcusable. ALL AMERICAN BOY Rick Derringer (Blue Sky/Columbia) Not as bad as one would think, but not as good as one would want. This solo album business is becoming such a bore, with Bowie's make-up artist or Led Zep's roadie all singing their fave hits, etc. , but if anyone has deserved a well-received solo career, it's Rick Derringer. Sure you know him as leader of the McCoys, as Johnny and Edgar Winter's guitarist and producer and for his guitar work on albums by Steely Dan, Richie Havens, ' Todd Rundgren and (surprise) Alice's past two albums and his newest, Muscle of Love. It's ·just that 'Rick should have released this in early 1972, when it would've been dubbed a classic but now, with r0ck and pop on the upswing again, All American Boy can only be called 'nice.' As Rick sings, it's an "uncomplicated" album of solid rock alternating with slower ballads. Highlights are : "Slide on Over Slinky" which could've been a great follow-up to "Hang On Sloopy" - "Teenage Love Affair," can't miss with a title like that and I f think he knows it - "Joy Ride" and f "TimeWarp," two hi-energy instrumentals i that are pure knock-outs - the best r version of "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo" I ; around (after all, he wrote it). If he can [ shuck his occasional resemblance to I Johnny and Edgar , (a problem with I . i • I r I hanging out with them too long), he'll do just fine . ! STRAIT, 15 NOVEMBER 1973


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