Teenage Music in the 70's : Part 3! !! "Won't you let me walk you home from school Won't you let me meet you af the pool Maybe Friday, I can Get tickets for the dance And 1 '11 take you and See" is an excellent example of their more aggressive rockin' stance. With its parodic Stones-riff intro and Jagger-like vocals, it shows the Wackers for what they are: a tight competent group who shows their r!lspect for their roots by not getting bogged down in the "seriousness" and "rock is art" crap that's destroyed half the Western rock music world. Won't you tell your dad get off my back Tell him what we said 'bout "Paint It Black"

doing? Self-parody of the "good little : boy" in · you?) That's the Wackers. : They're my little secret. '. *Note: Just got word that the Wackers : disbanded, although there is still a fourth ; and final album to - be releaseq, called : Wack and Roll. ' An incredibly hard album to find is · No. 1 Record (Ardent Rec.) by a group ; called Big Star. The band is led by : former-Boxtop-s Alex Chilton and while : half the album doesn't quite make it, the . half that does shows the band to be quite : suppressed masters of pop/rock and : Teenage music . No matter how I fight, : the album always ends up on my : turn'table, and the vibrant rockers "Feel," . "Don't Lie to Me" and beautiful ballads : "Thirteen," "El Goodo" blast forth. ' These are rock 'n' roll ·ballads, "not : whimperings from some M~rin county ; sickbed/' as one reviewer put it. Lastly, there's the bunch that handle , the softer 60's feel, and are probably the , hardest to digest at first listen. None of these people will come out and hit you at first so take your time with them. David ; Beaver, late from a group ·called Edgewood, has a fine album called Combinations on TMI (Steve Cropper's label). With most oftheold ·band backing him up, songs like~thony Beechum," • "I'm Gonna Show You" and "The Wizard of Menlo Park" are graced by Beaver's Moog, organ and pianowork and create a full, rich album of lush sounds ·and intriguing melodic rock. Blue (RSC/Atlantic) are a group whose material is not ballsy or overly original, . but the album has an overall pop feel found again only in Curt Boetcher's There's An Innocent Face (produced by Gary :Usher, veteran of ·60's CaliforJ}ia pop, and produced the first .two . albums). -In Boetcher's album, the

When the· Wackers do acoustic material, they don't get taken in by their own sincerity, thus becoming wimp. Remember when you were having a laugh-riot with your friends in the school library, and the librarian would threaten to kick you out if you didn't shut up and why don't you act like good boys blah blah blah, so you'd all comicly fold your hands on the table and force your smiles down . . . only to burst into gales of laughter again, because of the sheer ridiculousness of the situation? Well, when the. Wackers start doing ballads, acousticnumbers, etc., it's done in a mild form of self-parody that recalls that memory (and when you're trying to suppress that laughter in the library with a perfectly straight face, even though it almost hurts to do so, , what are you

Rock 'n' roll is here to stay Come inside, well, it's OK And I '11 shake you" -Big Star

East/Memphis (BMI) The most effective style (of the four mentioned last ish. Were you there?) in the new Teenage music has been to poke fun at the 60's and its music. Yeah, you sure were stupid then. At the time, you thought you were really 'cool,' but now, you think, Wow·did I really wear that/ do that/ listen to that? But you're 'hip' now, right? And 10 years from now, you'll think you were an idiot again. Ah, human nature. It's the 'l.isten to that' aspect that the Wackers, the first and still the best T.M. band, preoccupy themselves with, on a'60's and 70's level. The Wackers are American ex-patriates · now residing in •Montreal,Canada, where they'll play a high school dance one night and headline a c;oncert the next. They're pop at its best: four brats weaned on the Beatles, Stones and the 60's, rockin' as if · rock was just discovered and singing with a teenage enthusiasm that they never lost. Thei~ music, at its best, just makes you happy to be alive, and ain't that what rock 'n' roll's all about? Hot Wacks (Elecktra) catches them at their strongest (cut before the departure of fifth Wacker, Michael Stull) and made No. 1 of my Top 10 list of 1972. "Wait ·

At the loading dock: is this how the Wackers will go to work now that they've disbanded?



STRAIT, 1S NOVEMBER 1973 .._ ',

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