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Transforming Annandale House for the Christmas holidays DECK THE HALLS

W hen E.D. and Mary Ann Tillson were building their retirement home back in 1882, they likely didn’t think much about how they would decorate their new home for Christmas. After all, their home was inspired by the Aesthetic movement. It was intended to be beautiful in all seasons, from the inlaid floors to the hand-painted ceilings. In any case, it seems improbable that either one could have foreseen a day when yards of plastic wrap would be used to make their main hallway and staircase properly festive. “We’ve seen some really interesting things here over the last 25 years,” says Annandale National Historic Curator Patricia Phelps. “Every year we invite volunteers from the community to help us decorate Annandale House for the Christmas season and the creativity that comes through is amazing.” “I’ve decorated every room in


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