Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology Catalog: 1974-1975

tions. A student may be allowed only two C's; a third C will elimin­ ate him from the program. No grade other than an I may be altered once it has been re­ ported to the Registrar unless an error was made in grading or re­ cording. These changes can only be made upon written approval of the instructor, the Registrar and the Committee on Admissions and Academic Qualifications. Dropping of Courses Courses may be dropped without assignment of a grade during the first four weeks of the semester. A grade of WP or WE will be recorded for classes dropped after this time until the last day that classes meet. Student Loads The normal full-time load for a graduate student is twelve to sixteen hours per semester. No student will be allowed to carry over sixteen units in any semester and no full-time student may carry less than nine units until he has been admitted to candidacy. Students engaged in outside work must adjust their academic loads in consul­ tation with their faculty advisor. Transfer Credit Doctoral candidates may transfer up to thirty semester hours of psychology and up to fifteen hours of theology graduate study from an accredited school. No courses may be transferred if the grade is below a B. A total of nine hours of psychology and nine hours of Bible or theology may be applied to the M.A. degree. Credit by Examination No graduate credit will be given by examination. Students who possess an excellent background in an area of study may petition the Committee on Admissions and Academic Qualifications for waiver of a required course on the basis of examination. No credit is given on this basis, however. Time Limit for Degrees All course and academic requirements must be completed with­ in eight years of the beginning of the student's graduate study at Rosemead. Student Health Services Due to the limited student body enrollment, no health services are available on campus. All students are provided with group health insurance as a part of their registration fee.


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