Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology Catalog: 1974-1975

All students must pass a set of comprehensive examinations covering the following areas: Measurement, Learning, Personality, and Development. Stu­ dents also take an integration examination in psychology and theology. These examinations are given in June and October each year and serve as the major means of evaluating the student's suitability to continue studies toward the Ph.D. If a student does not successfully complete all sections of the examination he may repeat them at the next scheduled administration. Only two retakes are allowed . (3) Preliminary Oral Interview and Admission to Doctoral Study After completion of comprehensive examinations, all students have an oral interview to evaluate their progress and potential for successful completion of the doctoral program. (4) Admission to Candidacy Official candidacy for the doctorate signifies an advanced stage in the stu­ dent's progress and is accompanied by a redefinition of full-time enrollment which enables the student to place greater emphasis on his practicum experi­ ence, internship, and dissertation and a lesser emphasis on formal course work. in order to be admitted to candidacy the student must have the following: (a) Passed the comprehensive examinations (b) Successfully completed preliminary oral interview (c) Completed one year residence after successfully completing the comprehensive examinations (d) Approval of dissertation topic by his Doctoral Committee (5) Professional Qualifying Examinations The purpose of this examination is to evaluate a student's readiness to pursue a full-time internship in professional counseling. The primary focus is upon the following: (a) Therapeutic skills (b) Theoretical orientation (c) Professional-ethical issues (6) Internship All students are required to complete one year of full-time internship in an approved setting. This internship may consist of two years of experience on a half-time basis. (7) Dissertation A dissertation evidencing high attainment in original scholarship must be submitted by all Ph.D. candidates. Since Rosemead is a professional school, the dissertation topic will usually be closely related to the student's applied professional interests. The dissertation topic and proposal must be approved by the candidate's advisory committee. Five weeks prior to expected gradua­ tion the candidate must submit three approved bound copies of his disserta­ tion. For further information refer to Student Dissertation Guidelines in the Student Handbook. (8) Final Oral Examination The final examination is an oral defense of the dissertation.


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