Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology Catalog: 1974-1975



P501 Measurement (3) A survey of basic methods used in constructing and standardizing psycholog­ ical tests and principles involved in interpretation of test scores. Prerequisite: Undergraduate Statistics P502 Statistics (3) Lecture and laboratory covering sampling and statistical inference. The course includes both parametric and nonparametric hypothesis testing. Prerequisite: Undergraduate statistics P521 Psychopathology and Diagnosis I (3), II (3) The classification, dynamics, diagnosis and etiology of mental disorders. Attention is also given to the concepts of normality and mental illness and other theoretical issues involved in the classification of personality abnormal­ ities. P522 Assessment of Intelligence (3) The first of a three-course sequence directed toward competence in admin­ istration, scoring and interpretation of psychological tests. Attention is given to theoretical issues in intelligence and the use of the Stanford Binet and Wechsler Scales. P530 Pre-Seminar (5) The first of a four course sequence in Advanced General Psychology required of all students. This semester covers History and Systems of Psychology (2) and Psychology of Learning (3). The History and Systems of Psychology course places particular emphasis on major theoretical systems including Structural­ ism, Behaviorism, Gestalt Psychology, Functionalism and Psychoanalysis and current developments from these systems. The Learning course includes a comparison of major learning theories and an investigation of experimental contributions to the study of basic processes including conditioning, motiva­

tion, inhibition, generalization and discrimination. Prerequisite: Undergraduate course in Learning

P531 Pro-Seminar (3)

A continuation of P530. Major theoretical systems relevant to Developmental Psychology are examined with emphasis upon the study of both cognitive and affective changes manifested in childhood and adolescence. P532 Pro-Seminar (5) A continuation of P531 with major emphasis on Developmental Psychology (2) and Theories of Personality (3). The Theories of Personality course includes a critical evaluation of primary sources of selected personality theories with special attention given to Freudian and neo-Freudian theorists. Prerequisite: Undergraduate course in Personality


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