Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology Catalog: 1974-1975

P533 Pro-Seminar (2) A continuation of Theories of Personality with primary focus on phenomen­ ological and selected learning theorists. Prerequisite : Undergraduate course in Personality P550 Psychological Bibliography I (1) An introductory course designed to acquaint the entering student with the basic reference tools for research in psychology and theology. Required of all entering students. P601 Research Design (3) A continuation of PS02 including analysis of variance and covariance and the design and interpretation of experimental research. Prerequisite: P502 P602 Principles of Counseling (3) A general introduction to the different models of intervention applied in counseling psychology. An emphasis is placed upon interpersonal constructs and upon techniques and variables which cut across various schools of thought. P603 Theories of Counseling (3) Major theoretical orientations to counseling and psychotherapy are studied with emphasis upon primary source material. Alternative and innovative views are compared and contrasted with the more established systems. P605 Behavior Modification (3) Theories and techniques in the assessment and modification of behavior of children and adults using a variety of learning procedures. P612 Seminar in Personality (2) A series of seminars devoted to an in-depth study of major personality theories. Each seminar deals with one of the following theories: Behavioristic, Psychoanalytic, Phenomenological, Adlerian, or Sullivanian.

P613 Seminar in Adolescent Psychology (3)

The study of normal development of the young person from puberty to adulthood. Also included is the consideration of issues relevant to the selec­ tion and application of appropriate therapeutic intervention. P614 Community Mental Health I: Child Rearing (2) A seminar on child rearing practices with special attention to the parent-child relationship. A program for community education of parents will be developed by each student. P615 Community Mental Health II: Community Resources (2) An investigation of federal, state, county and local agencies, both public and private, involved in preventive and corrective efforts to bring emotional well being to citizens of the community. Emphasis on helping the psychologist to make coordinated use of available services for treatment programs.


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