Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology Catalog: 1974-1975

P616 Community Mental Health Ill: The Culturally and Economically Disadvantaged (2) An inquiry into the life styles of the so-called culturally disadvantaged groups, particularly the educationally and economically deprived. Counseling and therapeutic methods are examined and altered on the basis of cultural dif­ ferences in order to increase professional effectiveness. P617 Community Mental Health IV: Seminar in Marriage (3) A seminar on marriage adjustment designed to help students develop a program for community education of married and premarriage couples. Each student is responsible for planning, outlining and leading a series of training and educational lectures, discussions and activities for a group of married couples. P621 Assessment of Personality (3) An introduction to the evaluation of personality functioning. Major emphasis is placed on projective tests including Thematic Apperception Test and the Rorschach administration, scoring and interpretation. P631 Advanced Techniques in Counseling and Psychotherapy I (2), II (2) An in-depth study of the counseling relationship and the process of therapy. Special attention is given to the concepts of transference, countertransference, resistance and interpretation. Prerequisite: P602 P632 Research Problems in Personality and Psychotherapy (2) A consideration of experimental approaches to the study of personality and psychotherapy. Special emphasis is placed on problems in design and execu­ tion of research in these areas. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor P641 Group Techniques in Counseling (3) Varied theoretical and process models for group intervention are examined. Experiencial learning in the leader and client roles is incorporated. P642 Psychotherapy with Children (3) The nature and treatment of common emotional and behavioral problems of childhood. This course includes observational and therapeutic experiences with children. Prerequisite: P521 P650 Psychological Bibliography II (2) An advanced course aimed at acquainting the doctoral candidate with the important bibliographies, indices, abstracts and reference works needed for thorough dissertation research. P653 Vocational Counseling (3) The application of techniques of counseling and findings of career psychol­ ogy to vocational planning. Theories of vocational choice are studied and applied to the process of helping clients develop occupational objectives. Thorough acquaintance will be made with the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, the Occupational Outlook Handbook, and several career information library services available for commercial, school and private use. 25

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