Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology Catalog: 1974-1975

P661 Computer Methods in Psychological Research (3) Application of computer methods to research design and analysis. Computer programming for correlational and factor-analytic studies. P671 Marriage Counseling (3) A study of the applications of counseling techniques to marital maladjust­ ments. The course will include weekly observations of an on-going marriage counseling case. P690 Pre Practicum (2) Primary interpersonal skills and counseling techniques are assessed and facili­ tated prior to the student's first practicum assignment for field experience. Various training techniques are employed including empathy training, dem­ onstrations and audio-video feedback. P691-696 Practicum (1-6) Individually supervised clinical experiences including diagnostic and therapeu­ tic activities with inpatient and outpatient clientele. Hospitals, private and public clinics, mental health organizations, schools and college counseling centers are utilized. Prerequisites: P690 or approval of Professional Training Committee P701 College Teaching of Psychology (2) A seminar on teaching methods including the development of course objec­ tives, outlines, outlines, lectures and evaluations. P702 Principles and Practices in Case Supervision (3) A seminar and practicum course in case supervision. Students are responsible for supervising the professional experiences of less advanced students. P703 Organization and Administration of Psychological Services (1) A seminar dealing with administrative issues such as personnel, finances, community relations and supervision. P711 Seminar in Ethical and Professional Issues (2) A study of the ethics of professional psychology and relationships to other professional individuals and organizations. Special attention is given to the American Psychological Association's Code of Ethics. P712 Independent Study (1-4) Individual work, directed reading, or special problems under the supervision of a member of the faculty with whom specific arrangements have been made. P721 Dissertation Research (1-18) Research for the doctoral dissertation including library research, field observa­ tion and research, and dissertation writing. Prerequisite: Successful completion of comprehensive examinations and per­ mission of major advisor P731 Internship in Counseling Psychology Professional experience in an approved internship facility. Prerequisites: Successful completion of comprehensive examinations and course sequences in personality diagnosis and counseling techniques 26

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