Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology Catalog: 1974-1975



T501 Seminar in Christian Living (3) An in-depth investigation of biblical living. Includes discussion of law and grace, biblical forgiveness, the body of Christ and the Holy Spirit. T504 Biblical Studies (3) A seminar in biblical studies with emphasis on the psychological implica­ tion of selective doctrines and biblical biographies. T511 Theology I (3) God and Revelation Consideration of the nature and method of theology, revelation, including general and special, with emphasis on the inspiration and authority of the Bible. The nature and characteristics of God and His trinitarian distinctions along with the divine decree are included. T512 Theology II (4) Man and Angels A study of the origin and nature of angels and man including the fall and the resultant consequences of sin. Team taught. T611 Theology Ill (4) Salvation The redemptive plan of God centering in the Person and work of Christ and the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the application of this salvation . Includes study of major doctrine of election, regeneration, justification and sanctifi­ cation. Team taught. T612 Theology IV (4) The Church and Last Things The doctrine of the nature, organization, ministry and life of the church . A study of future events predicted in God's revealed program including the return of Christ and His reign, resurrection and judgments culminating with the eternal state.

Integration Seminars

PT701-706 Seminar in Psychology and Theology (2)

A series of seminars designed to investigate the mutual contributions and relationships between theological and psychological concepts. Seminars in­ clude topics such as • Psychological Implications of the Doctrine of Grace • Guilt : Theological and Psychological • Biblical and Psychological Perspectives of the Nature of Man • Child-rearing: Biblical and Psychological These seminars constitute one essential uniqueness of the Rosemead Gradu­ ate School of Psychology and offer students an opportunity to become involved in a creative application of their insights from these related disci­ plines. Prerequisite : Completion of core curriculum in psychology and theology 27

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