Lazaward Zaatar زعتر لازورد (Veg.) Our version of thyme, spread on freshly baked flatbread mixed with pomegranate molasses. 22 Zaatar زعتر (Veg.) Delicious thyme mixed with sesame seeds, sumac, and olive oil. 18 Zaatar N’ Cheese زعتر وجبنة (Veg.) The best of both worlds: zaatar on one half & traditional “akkawi” cheese on the other. 20 Akkawi Cheese جبنة عكاوي (Veg.) The traditional “akkawi” cheese mankosheh spread on dough & baked to perfection. 20 Halloumi حلومي (Veg.) Famous halloumi cheese, baked on our delicious flatbread topped with pesto sauce. 24 Kashkaval قشقوان (Veg.) Experience the amazing taste of melted “kashkaval” cheese. 24 Kashkaval With Turkey قشقوان وحبش Soft yellow cheese melted on our flatbread, and topped with turkey slices. 27

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