King's Business - 1917-01

cTJt? ICiwj s Immura MOTTO : “I the Lord do keep it, I will water it every moment lest any hurt it, I will keep it night and day.”—Isa, 27:3. R. A. TORREY, D. D., E ditor T. C. HORTON, J. H. HUNTER, WILLIAM EVANS, D. D., Associate Editors A. M. ROW, Managing Editor Published by the BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES, Inc. Los Angeles, California, U. S. A. Entered as Second-Class M atter November 17, 1910, a t the postoffice at Los Angeles, Cal., under the A ct of March 3, 1879. Copyright by R. A. Torrey, D. D., and Bible In stitu te of Los Angeles, for the year 1916.


Lyman Stew art, president. William T horn, secretary. T. C. H orton, superintendent.

R. A. T orrey, vice-president Leon V. Shaw, treasu rer.

W illiam Evans.

H. A. Getz.

J. M. Irvine.

N athan Newby

DOCTRINAL STATEMENT We hold to the H istoric Faith of th e C hurch as expressed in the Common C reed of Evangelical C hristendom and including: T h e T rinity of th e Godhead. T he Deity of th e Christ.

The M aintenance of Good Works.- The Second Com ing of Christ. The Immortality of th e Spirit. The R esurrection of the Body. T he Life Everlasting of Believers. T he Endless Punishm ent of th e Im­ penitent. T he R eality'and Personality of Satan. (7 ) Bible Women. House-to-house visitation and neighborhood classes. (8 ) Oil Fields. A mission to men on th e oil fields. (9 ) Books and T racts. Sale and dis­ tribution of selected books and tracts. (1 0 ) H arb o r W ork. F o r seam en a t Los Angeles harbor. ( 11) Yokefellows' Hall. Thoroughly manned. O u r Mission fo r men w ith S treet Meetings, and Bootblacks and Newsboys Sunday School. (1 2 ) P rin t Shop. F o r printing T esta­ ments, books, tracts, etc. A complete establishment, profits going to free dis­ tribution of religious literatu re.1

T h e Personality of th e Holy Ghost. T he Sup ern atu ral and P lenary a u ­ tho rity of th e Holy Scriptures. T he Unity in D iversity of the Chnrch, the Body and Bride of Christ. T he Substitutionary A tonem ent. The Necessity of the New Birth. P tlYTiO


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