CellCheck 1-9

The CellCheck programme This book is part of the CellCheck programme. The programme includes

1. CellCheck Farm Guidelines for Mastitis Control - these are practical, evidence-based, best practice recommendations to assist mastitis control, which are supported by the latest science and research; they should be made available to whoever milks cows on the farm. 2. Service Provider Training - this will be made available to all industry service providers including farm advisors, milk quality advisors, vets, milking machine technicians etc. The objectives are to upskill these professionals in mastitis control and to build strong networks between disciplines. As CellCheck Advisors are trained, their details will be available online at www.cellcheck.ie. 3. CellCheck Farmer Workshops - facilitated by CellCheck Advisors, these will be made available to dairy farmers across the country.

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