Games to liven up your gift exchange Are you tired of the same old holiday gift exchange? If so, here are some fun games to enliven this year’s gift giving. win the right to open the present.

• Cards. Cut some regular playing cards in half and distribute card halves to all parti- cipants. Draw the other card halves from a bowl or hat to determine who gets to choose or steal a gift next. • Story. Rewrite a well-known Christmas story to include the words right, left and across numerous times. To start the game, everyone holds the gift they brought as someone reads the story aloud. Every time an instruction word is said, the pres- ents get passed in that direction. To make sure that everyone receives a gift they’ll enjoy, be sure to decide on a budget and theme beforehand.

• Dice. Every number on the dice comes with an instruction (pass to the left or steal a gift). Take turns rolling the dice until eve- ryone has a present. • Hot potato. This childhood favourite is just as fun to play as an adult. Turn on a holi- day song and pass a present from person to person until the music stops. The person left holding the gift is out of the game but keeps the gift. • Personal trivia. Everyone writes a little- known fact about themselves on the gift they contributed. The others must guess who the information is about in order to

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