Most of the bespoke work is personalised with designs that are unique and have a connection with the client and with the space in which they are being used. This includes not only the form but also meaningful surface texture which is an element found quite frequently in the artist’s work. Maltese bread, prickly pear vein and a snake skin are some of the textures which she has captured and woven into the fabric of her functional ware. Many chefs and fine dining restaurants around Malta own collections of her dinnerware, as does a Parisian restaurant. Her ceramic functional ware and art works are also owned by private clients in America, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Israel and around Europe, including collections in Italy and the UK. To get to know more about Sue Mifsud, you can visit her website and/or her Instagram and Facebook pages @suemifsudceramics . You can also contact her directly by email at . Sue Mifsud

S ue Mifsud is a Ceramics Designer and teacher based in Malta, working from her self-sufficient Rabat studio. Her relationship with clay started in 1993 and has been a constant in her life since then; studying at Glasgow School of Art for her design degree and more recently, in 2015, turning her part time business into a full time career. Her days are long and varied and she relies on her diary to keep track of what each week entails, this includes teaching at her studio and at schools, commission work for private clients, chefs and fine dining restaurants and off-the-shelf creations available to clients who organise appointments to visit her workshop gallery. Colour is a trademark of her work, Sue mixes all her own ceramic glazes in the studio, preferring not to buy them read made and giving her more versatility over the palette that she uses. Restaurants tend to want subdued, neutral colours as a backdrop to their culinary creations, whereas private clients lean towards the more adventurous; wanting to add vibrancy to their homes or compliment the interior design.



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