BTP Empower Magazine Issue2

Surround yourself with supportive people

I don’t think me joining policing is a massive surprise. In school I’d always been a stickler for the rules, I loved studying and later did my degree in law - so I was always going to do something on that pathway. Also, my dad was a Special Constable when I was growing up, and a massive railway buff too, so I think me starting at British Transport Police was a dream come true for him.

that’s why I eventually decided on pursuing policing. It was quite busy from the off when I joined as a PC - there was a prolific train crash in my first two weeks of joining - and a few other major incidents over the following two years. It was a hands- on start to my career, but I knew it would prepare me for progressing through the ranks over the years. I remember a previous Chief Constable told me to treat each call like it came from a family member and I’ve really carried it with me.

You’re speaking to people when they’re at their most vulnerable. Your interactions can be significant in the way they recover from the trauma and how they feel supported by the justice system. It’s really rewarding to be able to build on things, implementing change within the Violence Against Women and Girls sphere and continue making the railway a safer place.

I love the public engagement, getting to meet and help people. I think


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