BTP Empower Magazine Issue2

When you love what you do, you bring thAt ENERGY back to your family

If you’d have spoken to a younger version of me, I never would have anticipated I’d be where I am now. It all happened on a bit of a chance during my master’s degree, when I was job hunting and wanting a change as I was quite bored. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do – and then a pop-up advert appeared for British Transport Police. I’d never wanted to be a police officer, but it mentioned having the opportunity to help others, and I thought I could do it until I found a job aligned to my degree. And 20 years later, I’m

still here. Thankfully, that element of helping people was prominent from the start. From the beginning I remember feeling a real sense of family, and that has stayed throughout my career. It’s the foundation of what I do in both my public facing role and behind the scenes. On duty I’m responding to serious reports – helping vulnerable people or victims of crime.

continue to drive change, adapting our workforce to support our officers and staff. As a mother and an officer, I’m able to empathise and understand the demand on working families.That is especially so in today’s climate, so we work to find solutions where everyone feels supported. I’m really proud of everything I’ve achieved so far and hope I can continue growing and leading conversations at BTP.

Internally I’ve just taken the reins of the Female Police Association to


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